It’s coming. This weekend. The Jeremy McGrath Invitational Supercross.

For ALL the info, visit Jeremy’s official web-site at It has EVERYTHING you need to know – tickets, info and much more.

Today was press day at The Home Depot Center in Carson/Los Angeles California.

Here’s what we learned: 1. This is a dream that Jeremy has been thinking about for a long time. And although supercross has become a business, one of Jeremy’s goals was to bring back the fun and cameraderie back to supercross, both for the fans and the riders. 2. The track is quite different! It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch! They are using huge metal freestyle-like ramps for a couple of the jumps, and, there will be a new type of starting area. 3. The race format has one-on-one bracket-style racing – two riders going two laps. Should make for interesting battles. 4. Jeremy’s friend Matt LeBlanc will be NBC’s special guest pit reporter for the TV broadcast of the event, which will be on October 22nd, right after the NASCAR Nextel Cup event.

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Eric P explains about how it started

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Jeremy McGrath. Jeremy should be commended for making a dream turn into reality

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Today was press/media day

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Full house of media was on hand

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Matt LeBlanc and Jeremy handle the press with aplomb

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Yikes! This is part of the track

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A new kind of starting area

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