by Russ S.

On a day that started out looking gray, with misty rain in the air,
Kiwi GP contender and heir apparent for Everts MX1 title Josh Coppins
was the overall winner.

‘King Stefan’ wowed the huge crowd as well with a couple of stylish
rides. The vocal and enthusiastic crowd of over 11,000 watched in
anticipation as the MX1 riders left the gate for the first moto, but
unfortunately a first turn mishap took out the holders of a combined 15
world titles as both Everts and Joel Smets went down. Coppins took the
lead with the evergreen former GP contender Darryll King in hot
pursuit. Everts looked smooth and controlled as he worked his way from
27th at the end of the first lap to eventually finish 6th.

Fortunately for the spectators the weather improved and they were
rewarded with another amazing race in the second moto as Coppins took
the lead from the start, but was to fall in one of the most difficult
‘sand pit’ sections I have seen in years on the third lap, allowing
Kiwi Luke Burkhart through to the lead. Unfortunately for Luke he had
the wily Everts on his tail, and by lap 5 Everts was through to score a
deserved win. Joel Smets had a much better second moto and was to
finish second this time out, with Coppins recovering for third place to
give himself an overall win on his last outing on the CAS Honda before
taking over Everts seat on the Rinaldi Yamaha in the new year.

Sadly, local rider Ben Townley was to miss racing on this special day
after a mishap on press day forced him out with a knee injury, and also
ruined the week of Rui Concalaves who sustained a broken arm in the
same incident.

MX1 results overall:

1. Josh Coppins (Hon) 25 – 20 45pts

2. Stefan Everts (Yam) 12 – 25 37pts

3. Darryl King (Yam) 22 – 15 37pts

4. Luke Burkhurt (Yam) 18 – 18 36pts

5. Joel Smets (Suz) 11 – 22 33pts

MX2 results overall:

1. Ryan Marmont (KTM) 20 – 25 45pts

2. Brad Groombridge (Kaw) 25 – 16 41pts

3. Cody MacKie 16 – 22 38pts

4. Nick Saunders (Kaw) 15 – 20 35pts

5. Blake Gillard (KTM) 18 – 14 32pts

Coppins wins at Everts last race - New Zealand - Photo 1 of 1

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