Originally from South Africa, Grant won the FIM 125 World Motocross championship in 2000, and came to the USA for a new challenge in 2001. He and Mike Brown battled till the final race, with Brown winning the championship that year.

How did Grant do it this year? By never giving up. And consistency.

Grant’s moto finishes: First – once, second – four times, third – four times, fourth – five times, fifth – once, seventh – twice, eighth – twice, and three other finishes.

Here’s the final 125 point standings now that the finale in Troy Ohio has been cancelled due to rain (again).

1. Grant Langston – 380

2. Ryan Hughes – 373

3. James Stewart – 350

4. Mike Brown – 271

5. tie: Sellards, Byrne – 269

7. Craig Anderson – 222

8. Ivan Tedesco – 193

9. Kelly Smith – 190

10. Chris Gosselaar – 173

Here’s the official info on the cancellation from AMA Pro Racing:

The final round of the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship, scheduled to be held at Kenworthy’s Motocross Park in Troy, Ohio on September 6-7, has been cancelled due to heavy rains and flooding in the area. The event will not be rescheduled.

Championship standings will be determined by points earned through round 11 at Steel City Raceway in Delmont, Pennsylvania. Team Honda’s Ricky Carmichael has been crowned the 250-class champion and Red Bull/KTM’s Grant Langston is the 125 champion.

The Kenworthy round was originally scheduled for July 12-13 and had to be rescheduled due to rains and flooding that damaged the facility at that time. Owner Don Kenworthy and his crew worked hard to get the facility back in shape. This latest storm, and resulting cancellation, adds an unfortunate twist to the situation.

AMA Pro Racing’s Duke Finch said the decision to end the series under these circumstances was particularly difficult. “We wish the series didn’t have to end on this note,” said Finch. “We explored a second postponement for the Kenworthy round but that’s just not realistic at this time. The teams and riders are preparing for the U.S. Open, the Motocross des Nations and off-season testing. Waiting for the flood waters to recede and then for the facility to be restored again is just not possible. Regrettably, we had to make this tough call.”

Can you believe it? Grant Langston has gone thru Injuries, crashes, no overall wins, … and now the final round is cancelled? And what about Ryan Hughes? Did he get a fair shake? He’s second in points, seven behind Grant, and conceivably could of won the championship.

None of it matters now – 21 year old Grant Langston has won his first ever title in America. Congratulations Grant!

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