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Colton Facciotti Claims Victory at Gopher Dunes

This past weekend the CMRC Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian Pro National series also returned from a few weeks off, for Round five at Gopher Dunes Raceway, in Courtland, Ontario. Gopher Dunes National has become one of the most renounced races of the year in Canada, due to the grooling heat and exhausting track conditions. This year the track conditions were as exhausting as ever, but, Mother Nature brought slightly cooler than usual temperatures to ease some intensity from the day.

Gopher Dunes Raceway/Honda rider and local boy, Colton Facciotti claimed the overall in the MX1 class with a 1-2 finish for the day. While Motoconcept’s, Vince Friese, all the way from Menifee, California went 3-1 to claim the overall victory in the MX2 class.

Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi was by far the fastest guy on the track, but, as a first timer to the Dunes, the team was unprepared for how much fuel the deep sands would consume. After leading the entire first Moto, Alessi ran out of gas on the second last lap. He handed over the win to the number forty-five of Facciotti who trailed in second since early in the Moto. Although Alessi ran out of gas and was not able to complete the lap, he was accredited an eighteenth place finish due to the lead he had at the time.

After early failed attempts to close the gap on Alessi, championship points leader, Colton Facciotti, seemed to slow his pace to survive and conserve some energy for Moto two.

Bobby Kiniry out of New York, led the pack into turn one, with Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi and GDR’s Colton Facciotti hot on his heels. Alessi was able to get by in a hurry, followed by Facciotti. Bobby Kiniry handed another position to his OTSFF Yamaha teammate, Kyle Chisholm. The two swapped positions back and forth a few times before Kyle Chisholm silenced the battle at the checkers and claimed second in Moto one. Colton Facciotti was able to walk away with the win in Moto one, as Alessi pushed his bike off the track. Bobby Kiniry took home third in Moto one.

In Moto two, it was Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi who led the pack into turn one. The number eight-hundred of Mike Alessi remained in the lead for the entire Moto, building himself a comfortable lead. Alessi had earned a big enough gap that he was still able to finish in front of Facciotti, even after making a quick fuel stop in the mechanics area.

Facciotti rode out Moto two at a comfortable pace to finish second to Mike Alessi. Kiniry was the only rider to challenge Facciotti for second position, but, unfortunately went down and found himself in fourteenth. Kiniry managed to battle his way back though the pack to seventh, which was good enough to earn himself third overall for the weekend. Kyle Chisholm rounded out the top three for Moto two to achieve second overall. Facciotti’s 1-2 finish for the day was good enough to give him his second overall victory of the year.

In the 250 class, it was the Clarkburg, New Jersey native, Jesse Pierce who claimed the holeshot in Moto one. He was followed into turn one by Kaven Benoit, Vince Friese and Jesse Wentland. Benoit took over the lead from Pierce early in the Moto, as Jesse Wentland worked to make his way through the top three. Wentland was able to stick a pass on Royal Distributing/ Fox/ KTM’s Kaven Benoit to take over the lead. The Elkriver, Minnesota native and MX101/Yamaha rider, Jesse Wentland, was able to hold on to the lead for the remainder of the Moto, to claim the Moto one victory. Benoit secured second place in Moto one, while Motoconcept’s, Vince Friese claimed the final podium step.

In Moto two it was Motoconcept’s, Vince Friese who claimed the holeshot. This time he was followed closely into turn one by Royal Distributing’s, Kaven Benoit and Monster Energy/Thor/ Kawasaki’s Jeremy Medaglia.

Vince Friese was able to put some time between himself and the rest of the pack, earning a 10-second lead when the checkers came out. Kaven Benoit held on to second position, once again. While Jeremy Medaglia was able to hold down third place for the majority of the Moto, Rockstar Energy Drink/OTSFF/Yamaha rider Shawn Maffenbeier was able to stick a pass on him and claim third place in Moto two.

First moto’s race winner, Jesse Wentland had a disappointing start to Moto two but was able to fight his way back to fourth position. His 1-4 finish earned him a third overall finish for the day. Kaven Benoit’s 2-2 earned him second overall, while Vince Friese went 3-1 to claim victory of round five.

Colton Facciotti still holds on the the series points lead twenty-eight points over Mike Alessi. And it is Kaven Benoit who holds onto to the lead in the MX2 class, with Vince Friese trailing by only eight points.

Next week the series will head to Nation’s capital for Round Six at Sand Del Lee, just outside Ottawa, ON.

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