The 2012 supercross series moved south to Angel Stadium in Anaheim for the second time this year and it turned out to be a good night for the Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda team. Cole Seely, who led the main early on, rebounded from a small crash to finish second. His teammate, Travis Baker, had a crash of his own in the main event and finished 9th. Despite the falls both riders were moving forward and happy with their efforts on the bike.

Cole Seely Puts TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda on 2012 Anaheim II Podium - Photo 1 of 3

Seely put himself in good position in the heat race to finish third. His lap times were competitive and he felt comfortable heading into the main event. Baker had a little more trouble. In his heat, Travis tangled with another rider heading into the first turn and went flying. He jumped up and got going again but he was so far back he couldn’t get into qualifying position in six laps. He was forced to the LCQ, a place no rider wants to be, where he got the start and won.

The main event saw Cole grab another holeshot on his CRF250. If Cole can get a little breathing room he is tough to catch and it looked like that is what was happening. As he slowly inched away from Eli Tomac it began to look a lot like A1 a few weeks back. But as Cole came through the mechanics area on lap five he hit a slick spot and slid out. He was up quickly, losing only one spot in the mishap, but he wouldn’t be able to pull Tomac back in. Still, second was a good finish for Cole and the team.

Baker was making moves trying to get himself in the top five. As he attempted a pass for sixth spot he clipped a rider and went down. Again he bounced back up like he was wearing rubber underwear and finished the main event in ninth. It was a gritty, if not a little frustrating, ride for Travis.

Cole Seely Puts TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda on 2012 Anaheim II Podium - Photo 2 of 3

Seely wanted the win but he wasn’t too disappointed with second.

“I thought I had that one,” Seely said after the race. “I started to get into a rhythm and feeling really good. It’s a bummer I slid out but I’m still happy with second. It’s great any time you can be on the podium because I get to thank the Troy Lee Designs team and all the people who have helped me get here. I’d really like to win again before we go to the break. I’m letting it rip next weekend in San Diego.”

For Baker, San Diego also offers one last chance to meet a goal before two months off.

“I’ve had a couple sixth’s, including last week in Oakland, but I really want to break into the top five,” Baker said. “San Diego is going to be my last chance for a while so I’m going to work hard this week and make it happen down at Qualcomm.”

The team’s third rider Christian Craig will miss much of the remaining Supercross series due to a wrist surgery, but will be traveling with the team for support and to participate in autograph sessions.

Cole Seely Puts TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda on 2012 Anaheim II Podium - Photo 3 of 3

The Troy Lee Designs/ Lucas Oil/ Honda team will focus on supercross for one more week before the San Diego supercross. After that they will shift their focus to a little outdoor preparation while the supercross series heads east for two months. So don’t miss your last chance to see the team in action in a southern California stadium this year. Be at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego this Saturday night!

Check out the video of Cole Seely on the podium at Anaheim 2:

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