Belgian National Motocross Championship

Balen, Keiheuvel

Prior to the first heat, Clément Desalle’s first ever selection for the Belgian Motocross of Nations team was announced. Like if he still needed to prove his excellent form, the MX Panda rode his heart out in the sweltering heat of the Keiheuvel. Winning two heats and getting a fourth, Desalle was without any doubt the best. No mean feat because of the talent depth of the field with riders such as Tony Cairoli, Max Nagl, Ken De Dycker, Josh Coppins, Tanel Leok, Steve Ramon, Jonathan Barragan, Kevin Strijbos, Marc De Reuver and Manuel Priem.

Winning at the Keiheuvel meant that the 20-year old took a step towards his first ever Belgian Open title.

Clément Desalle “It was a bit of a shame to crash in the last heat, otherwise it would have been a perfect three out of three just like in Nismes. I felt good, but I knew right away that the Keiheuvel would suit me. Things turned out in my favour in the title race as well. I’m now leading with six points more than De Dycker. Besides that I have my mind set on the last two rounds of the Belgian championship in Wallonia as well. I really want to win there!”

Steven Lettani (team manager) “I was really impressed by Clément today. What he showed us was really superb. Despite the strongest field ever here, he dominated all the way. But we knew already that Clément is capable to win on any soil. Nevertheless he wrote a piece of Belgian MX history as well today. He’s the very first French speaking rider to win the main class over here.”

Race 1: 1 Clément Desalle (B- Honda), 2 Ken De Dycker (B-Suzuki), 3 Jonathan Barragan (SPA-KTM), 4 Josh Coppins (NZ-Yamaha), 5 Tony Cairoli (ITA-Yamaha), 6 Patrick Roos (NED-KTM), 7 Marc Re Reuver (NEd-Honda), 8 Kevin Strijbos (B-Honda), 9 Manuel Priem (B-Aprilia), 10 Jeremy Van Horebeek (B-KTM)

Race 2: 1 Clément Desalle (B- Honda), 2 Ken De Dycker (B-Suzuki), 3 Max Nagl (DUI-KTM), 4 Steve Ramon (BEL-Suzuki), 5 Josh Coppins (NZ-Yamaha), 6 Jonathan Barragan (SPA-KTM), 7 Yevgeni Bobryshev (RUS-Yamaha), 8 Leok (EST-Yamaha), 9 Patrick Roos (NED-KTM), 10 Jeremy Van Horebeek (B-KTM), 10 Tony Cairoli (ITA-Yamaha)

Race 3: 1 Tony Cairoli (ITA-Yamaha), 2 Josh Coppins (NZ-Yamaha), 3 Max Nagl (DUI-KTM), 4 Clément Desalle (B- Honda), 5 Ken De Dycker (B-Suzuki), 6 Jonathan Barragan (SPA-KTM), 7 Joël Roelants (B-KTM), 8 Patrick Roos (NED-KTM), 9 Yevgeni Bobryshev (RUS-Yamaha), 10 Marvin Van Daele (BEL-Honda)

Final standings ‘Balen’:

1 Desalle 68, 2 De Dycker 60, 3 Coppins 56, 4 Cairoli 51, 5 Barragan 50, 6 Nagl 49, 7 Roos 40, 8 Evgeniy Bobryshev 36, 9 Roelants 31, 10 Ramon 27

Belgian National Motocross championship standings after Balen:

1 Desalle 270, 2 Dycker 264, 3 Coppins 216, 4 Van Daele 145, 5 Caps 111, 6 Roelants 107, 7 Verbruggen 95, 8 Ramon 85, 9 Cairoli 72, 10 Strijbos 71

Clement Desalle wins the Keiheuvel Classic Motocross in Belgium - Photo 1 of 2

Clement Desalle wins the Keiheuvel Classic Motocross in Belgium - Photo 2 of 2

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