With both championship titles claimed last weekend in Houston, Monster Energy Supercross fans will be in for some of the best racing of the year, as the boys head to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. As the pressures of keeping the championship titles within grasps have passed for both classes, championship courtesies will be pushed aside as the riders look to capture the three remaining wins of the series.

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This past weekend, Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey wrapped up his second 450 championship. With the title in his hands and three rounds remaining, it will be interesting to see if “Mr. Consistent” will ride on the edge to defend the remaining race wins or if he will sit back and let the others battle it out. Race fans will likely be in for a good show with Dungey free from the need for championship consistency.

Heading into Santa Clara next weekend, Eli Tomac remains in second position, only thirteen points ahead of last week’s race winner and rookie, Cole Seely. Not only did Seely walk away with the win in Houston, but, he dominated the veterans of the sport, with a huge lead over series champion, Ryan Dungey. The rookie seems to have found the race pace on his 450 and will be looking to add a few more wins in his debut season.

As Seely hunts for those remaining race wins, Tomac will surely be looking to prove that he’s got more in the tank. The dedication and perseverance of Eli Tomac will likely shine bright in the closing rounds of the series, as he looks to safeguard his second place standing in the series.

Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motorsports rider, Josh Grant had his best finish of the series last weekend in Houston with a fourth overall. The California-native had the speed to be up battling for a podium position and will surely be looking for a podium finish this weekend, close to home.

BTO Sports/KTM’s Andrew Short is likely to be out front as the gate drops on the 450 main event, with his signature third gear start. The Texas-native has managed to master this signature move, giving himself the ultimate advantage. With the hard work and dedication Short has put in over the years, it is only a matter of time before the veteran puts himself up on the podium. Be sure to look for Shorty leading the pack into turn one, when the gate drops this weekend in Santa Clara.

Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson has been lightning fast and aggressive in the past couple weeks, but, has experienced some bad luck with crashes and mediocre starts. Anderson is always one to watch, week-in and week-out, but he will need to minimize errors to find a win in his debut season. With only three rounds remaining, Anderson will be hungrier than ever for that rookie race win.

In the 250 class, Cooper Webb claimed his first Supercross Championship Title, as the West Coast 250 champion. Again, with championship responsibilities out of the way and pride on the line, the win this weekend could go to anyone. However, race fans and competitors alike know that the Star Racing/Yamalube/Yamaha rider, Cooper Webb will stop at nothing to add another race win to his name.

With Jessy Nelson out for the remainder of the season, there is no other rider with a win so far this season other than Webb. It will be left to riders like Tyler Bowers, Malcolm Stewart and Shane McElrath to put an end to Webb’s winning streak. Maybe California will crown one of these riders with their first supercross win of their careers, next weekend in Santa Clara.

The track for this weekend’s race looks to be quite challenging with the first turn heading into a gnarly whoops section. Although it will be tough for all the riders, especially the 250’s, look for riders like Chad Reed, Eli Tomac and Ryan Dungey to excel in the technical conditions of the track in Santa Clara. With the championship titles already claimed, the tables have turned in the series, and anything could happen.

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