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Multiple World Supercross Champion Chad Reed has announced his withdrawal from Australia’s 2010 MX of Nations team in order to continue an intensive treatment program for the Epstein Barr Virus which derailed his AMA Pro MX season.

The Australian was diagnosed with the debilitating virus in July and is currently undergoing treatment at a leading medical facility in San Diego.

In handing over the reigns to three-time Australian Motocross Champion Jay Marmont, Reed acknowledged that Jay was without a doubt the best candidate and his performance was the benchmark of the Australian Motocross scene.

“Trying to make the “smartest” decision, isn’t always the easiest decision so it is really hard for me to announce that I am not going to be racing in the 2010 MX of Nations, Reed stated.

“I am always extremely proud to represent my country at this event, not only is it an honour to be chosen, Team Australia has always been a case of my best mates and I racing together. However, based on my performance and health this year I have to make a smart decision and I feel that there is someone else who deserve this honour more than I do.

“For the past three years no one has come close to Jay’s performance in the Australian Motocross scene. Even in the middle of the greatest personal adversity he didn’t drop the ball once and I think he will truly do his country proud,” he continued…

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