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Chad Reed will return from the US next year to fund, run and contest a new Australasian Series.

Australia’s fifth-highest-earning sportsman has formed a partnership
with Crusty Demons motorcycle stunt show promoter and Uncle Tobys Iron
Man Super Series founder Mike Porra to run the series over the next
five years and compete in it for at least three years.

“For a long time I’ve been wanting to lift the profile of supercross in
this country and play a role in it. I want to put supercross back on
the map,” the Yamaha rider said yesterday.

“I’ll be making the big decisions and putting my name to it.”

He will also invest his own money in the venture, although he would not disclose how much it would cost.

“Everything is a risk. Walking across the street is a risk, but Mike has a great track record,” he said.

Reed, 25, of Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley, is a two-time Australian
supercross champion, won the world title in 2003 and the US title in
2004 and is this year’s runner-up in the US and world titles.

While the company is yet to announce venues and dates, the 2008 series
will start about August and consist of night events on man-made tracks
in six stadium venues in Australian capital cities and regional
centres, including at least one in Queensland.

Within three years, Reed said they expected the series to expand to 10
rounds, with events in New Zealand and possibly Japan, attracting
riders from the US and Europe, with national and possibly international
television coverage.

“TV coverage is in the works right now for a network like 7 or 10,” Reed said.

“Supercross has been kind of run down here and it needs to be changed up a bit.

“Supercross is what I love most and what I’ve made a career out of.
Motocross is cool and more grass roots, but supercross is more

Reed last week was a surprise entrant in the NSW round of the national
motocross competition winning both motos against title leader Daniel
Reardon (Kawasaki) of Brisbane.

“There is so much talent in Australia at the moment,” Reed said.

“Right now it’s looking like he’s (Reardon) the guy who’s the best.”

Motorcycling Australia CEO David White said they had approved the
rights for the as-yet-unnamed Reed/Porra company to run the national
supercross championships.

“To have a world champion who is still competing on the world stage,
actively participate in the running and promotion of a sport, is a huge
coup for this country and not something we have ever seen before,”
White said.

“The fact that Chad is one of the top two riders participating in the
World Supercross Grand Prix and AMA Supercross Series will bring
additional focus to this new Australasian Supercross Series.”

Porra said the venture was an opportunity to establish supercross as a mainstream Australian sport.

“In the United States and Europe, Supercross is personified by its
heroes, each event is a complete experience where racing plays the lead
role but is backed up by various forms of entertainment and exhibition
sessions,” he said.

“To have Chad Reed commit to the venture is a major coup for Australian
sport in general, he has a devoted following of millions world-wide and
is a perfect ambassador for supercross in the country and beyond.

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