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As of right now I cant think of a better person to introduce to the world, than WMA Professional Racer Elizabeth Bash from sunny Southern California. I have been watching EB earn the title of one of the most admired amateur racers down here in so cal. Then EB took it to the next level and joined the PRO ranks of the WMA a couple years back. With a dedication not seen in many woman racers EB gave the local guys a run for the win and consistently place top ranks in the WMA Circuit.

In early 2008 EB had a horrible crash which you will learn more about from my interview, but the most amazing part is how her passion for the sport of motocross and being into the competition drove her to recover at an amazing pace which ended the 2008 race year with a podium finish at the WMA Championship in Texas the 1st week of January.

EB is more than a inspiration, she is a hero and her fan base is very proud of her return to the track ..

🙂 MJ

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