This weekend Monster Energy AMA Supercross heads to CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle, Washington for Round Fifteen of the FIM World Championship series. The 2014 round at CentuyLink Stadium will be the tenth Monster Energy AMA Supecross event held at this venue and KTM is once again the only brand that has yet to capture a win in Seattle.

The Red Bull/KTM team of Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen will be looking to change history this weekend, with Dungey only one point out of second place in the championship points chase. These two KTM riders, as well as, the number seven of James Stewart, are the only riders who still have a shot at claiming the title in 2014 series. However, if Ryan Villopoto can earn five points more than any of these riders on Saturday night he will claim early victory of the 2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross championship.

Seattle, Washington happens to be Villopoto’s hometown race where he also earned his fist ever-premier class supercross victory. As it may appear, all the odds seems to be with the red plate holder, as the series heads to Seattle. However, in the sport of supercross, it is common fate that when a rider may think all odds are in their favour, the sport reminds them that, come race day, nothing is ever guaranteed.

Ryan Villopoto has proven time and time again that he has what it take to be a champion and he has always found the means to beat the odds. Villopoto is viewed by many as the sport’s toughest competitor in the history of the sport. Although many before him have claimed more race wins and more championships, he presents himself as the man to beat amongst a field of competition that is deeper and more talented than ever before.

Most championship Supercross Titles in the past have been won by athletes who have completely dominated the field from beginning to end. The past few years have continually presented more talented riders to the field but never has the sport witnessed a field as talented and deep as the 2014 series has. The top twenty riders in the premier class is made up of more former champions and some of the most elite riders from across the globe.

As Ryan Villopoto has had to completely alter the mindset that has proven successful to win championships in previous years, the mental strength of the sport has surfaced. Villopoto has displayed determination, the ability to persevere, patience and acceptance that he may not win every round, as past champions have done. These attributes that he may not have needed in the past have proven to be the means necessary to take home that red plate for the majority of the season.

Villopoto has only won four races this year out of fourteen as race fans watched in agony as he patiently finished races outside the top three where many felt he belonged. In the early rounds it may have seemed astonishing, however, as the series pressed on race fans have adapted to the new mindset of the championship points leader.

Although Stewart has won more races than Villopoto this year, Villopoto has had the championship in his sights since the beginning and has played his cards accordingly throughout the series. But fate has reared its ugly head at Villopoto just as frequently as it has with other riders of his class. Race fans have witnessed the former champion battle through food poisoning at the Toronto round, get back up after multiple crashes in the early rounds and just last week we witnessed him dominate the field after three crashes earlier in the night. Villopoto has adopted the necessary means and skills to take control of the championship in a sport that has put itself out of the control of any rider.

With all odds in his favour Ryan Villopoto heads home with a forty-five point gap over second place, looking to claim early victory of the championship at Round Fifteen. James Stewart, Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen will be looking to beat Villopoto to hold on to their hopes of taking home the championship title in 2014. As unpredictable as this year has been so far it will be exciting to see what Round Fifteen in Seattle, Washington holds for race fans.

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