The Brett Downey Safety Foundation has the goal of making the sport of
motocross as safe as possible. To that end, the Foundation is starting
a pilot program, involving five mx tracks in Southern California. These
tracks include: Perris Raceway, Starwest MX, Glen Helen, Lake Elsinore
MX Park and Cahuilla Creek MX.

The Foundation will provide Track Safety Kits. The kits include: flags
and vests for the Certified flaggers (trained and certified for passing
a test with guidelines closely resembling those set forth by the AMA
for their Pro Marshall Program in road racing), two-way radios,
whistles, enter and exit signs, and helmets for each flagger. If the
tracks remain compliant, each track will ultimately receive a 8×10
poster indicating it is a track that is following the safety
guidelines. We all know riding motorcycles has inherent risks. The
Foundation is trying to minimize those risks.

The Foundation is also making a DVD to assist in training and
certifying flaggers and will, ultimately, offer its services at each
Supercross and National Motocross event to train and certify the
flaggers at the events, again, using guidelines the AMA has established
for the Pro Marshall Program, only modifying them for

Also, the Foundation will be creating a brochure to be distributed at
local motorcycle shops. The brochure will have “rider etiquette”
included. This will consist of what each rider should expect while at
practice tracks and during races. It will include what each flag means,
and have tips of what other riders are expecting. It will be drafted
with the input of the manufactures and pro riders, as well as promoters
of various types of motocross events.

In order to implement its ideas, the Brett Downey Safety Foundation
invited representatives from each of the tracks, as well as
representatives from each motorcycle company, to a meeting at the Troy
Lee Designs facility on May 2, 2005.

At that meeting, the Foundation provided its ideas of what it will take to make the sport safer for all involved.

  • Establish and post track rules in a visible place
  • Use only certified flaggers trained using the guidelines of the AMA for its Pro Marshalls
  • Provide an adequate amount of flaggers, considering the size and layout of each track
  • Enforce the wearing of safety gear
  • Provide emergency medical technicians
  • Provide adequate track preparation, including sufficient watering and grading of the tracks and inspecting the track for debris
  • Clearly mark track direction, including entry and exit points
  • Break up practices by engine size and ability

At the May 2 meeting, Jeff Emig delivered a great presentation on
behalf of the Brett Downey Safety Foundation. The Foundation then
requested each track undertake the proper measures to implement the
above guidelines within 30 days.

Within the past two weeks, representatives of the Foundation have gone
to each of the tracks to determine their willingness to implement all
of the guidelines. Each track representative has indicated they ARE
willing to implement these guidelines. The Foundation also received
great feedback and support from representatives of Kawasaki and Suzuki,
who were present at the meeting as well.

Each track will have 30 days from the visit to implement the
guidelines, at the end of which each will receive the 8×10 poster
indicating compliance, or be required to return the track kits. At that
time, the Foundation will be creating the brochure and providing them
to the surrounding motorcycle dealers.

The Foundation will need your help in ensuring each track is complying.
Any questions or comments should be directed to Kenny Morris at [email protected]

For more information, please visit the Foundation’s website:

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