BETO CARRERO (Brazil) – After today’s qualifying races Mr Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream’s president, Mr Carlinhos Romagnolli, CEO of Romagnolli Promoções e Eventos, and Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS director, announced that the 2017 FIM Motocross of Nations will be celebrated in the facilities of Beto Carrero in Brazil. All the parties were really happy to make such announcement, as it is not only important for the country itself, but it also shows the strong partnership between Youthstream, the FIM and Romagnolli Promoções e Eventos.

Mr Luongo said: “First of all I would like to congratulate Mr Romagnolli for the fantastic organization and set up of the Grand Prix of Brazil, which was already really good last year but it has been improved significantly in 2013.” Mr Luongo added: “Organizing the MXoN in Beto Carrero in 2017 is part of a long-term partnership between Mr Romagnolli and Youthstream, which started last year but which has been reinforced in 2013. Such partnership also includes a future cooperation to develop the motocross in Brazil thanks to the Youth Academy with the goal of bringing up new Brazilian talents in the near future.”

Mr Luongo finished by saying: “What Mr Romagnolli has achieved in these two years here in Beto Carrero is the standards that Youthstream would like to have for the future of the Grand Prix, a great race in a great venue with fantastic facilities and with a big crowd, so we are sure that the 2017 MXoN will be a big success.”

Mr Romagnolli said: “Organizing a Grand Prix was already a dream for me, but being able to announce that Romagnolli Promoções e Eventos, together with Youthstream and the FIM, will bring the MXoN back in Brazil in 2017 is a real privilege for me. I would like to thank Youthstream for trusting us, as well as the FIM for all the support they give us to organize this Grand Prix and the future MXoN.”

Dr Srb closed the press conference by saying: “For us this is wonderful news; the MXoN is the best motocross event in the world and it should be organized in venues and countries where there is enthusiasm for the sport, fans, riders, and of course a good venue like the one we have here in Beto Carrero. I am also glad to hear that Youthstream’s Youth Academy will work together with Mr Romagnolli to support and give a good formation to the young motocross Brazilian riders, but my wish for 2017 MXoN is to see Team Brazil being one of the top players of the event.”

The last time that the FIM Motocross of Nations took part in Brazil was back in 1999 in the track of Indaiatuba, so all the Brazilian and Latin American fans are really looking forward to see the best Motocross event in the world taking place in Beto Carrero, Brazil, in 2017.

Mr Duarte, Mr Romagnolli, Mr Luongo and Dr Srb



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