Blogging, for me, is new. I know a lot of you do it, you can make your own blogs in our Community too. But for me it’s new. And I’m not the best typist in the world : ) I am liking it though. I miss interacting with everyone in the sport, and I’m glad you are able to post comments as well. I read all of them … but I’m also not too good at posting back : )

Motocross Schools:

I love teaching motocross and supercross. You’ll see (at some point) my teaching techniques available in detail here on It doesn’t matter if it’s a 55 year old guy riding an XR600, or one of the top pro supercross riders in the world, and an up-and-coming young amateur: I comfortable teaching, feel like I’m a good communicator, and have a great deal of experience, knowledge, and technique to share. My motocross schools are going back to their original format: RJ MX

Former multi-time World Motocrosss Champion Sebastien Tortelli and I were teamed together on teaching, but with all the truck racing I’m doing, and the fact that I’m now the promoter of the series, it was best for Sebastien Tortelli and I to go in our own directions as far as motocross schools. Seb is like a brother to me, and one of my best friends, and he is now 100% Champ Factory. He’s doing a great job with a lot of young riders

Today I’m doing private coaching with Ryan Newton, the young rider from South Africa. Ryan has shown so much promise, has a ton of talent, but had a few injuries. We’ll start with technique and timing (meaning when to stand up on the bike, when to sit down, when to brake, when to let off the brake, when to roll on the throttle, and when to stand up). Once we get him comfortable on his bike again, we’ll start working on lap times and speed and quickness.

A week off in the Supercross Season:

For me, when I had a weekend off, I really wanted to start my vacation. That Saturday after the final supercross before a week off I’d consider my vacation starting. I’d head somewhere immediately to water ski, relax, watch movies, do some wake-boarding, and dancing at night with the young ladies. : )

I’d have a week off, and I’d have a good time. But, I’d be home by Friday night, starting to work out again Saturday. I’d be back on the bike, and really feel like riding again – the ‘joy’ came back. I’d train hard for the week, and be ready to go at that next race. The term is true in many aspects: Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I wanted to be back on the bike – it was exciting and fun again.

The intesity of the battle between James Stewart and Chad Reed is very high – Supercross is the most prestigious title in off-road motorcycling! They have to step away every now and then from it though, …… they have to step away and catch their breath. They are doing a ‘Superbowl’ every weekend. They are doing a ‘prize fight’ every weekend. Sometimes you (and they) have to let you mind and body relax. One week off the bike you won’t forget how to ride, but one week off the bike you’ll remember why you love to ride!

My new off road truck series – Traxxis TORC:

This weekend is going to be a nice weekend for the Traxxis off road truck series. On Saturday, Johnny Greaves and I are going to Primm, Nevada for the Best In the Desert race to get out there and give out some free tickets, shake some hands, and kiss a lot of babies. On Sunday, at Perris Auto Speedway, the Traxxis TORC series is doing an open house and open practice – free to all fans and free to PDG members to get their vehicles on the track with some track time. It’s free. Come out and meet and greet me and Johnny and Jeremy McGrath and Leduc family and have some fun! I can’t wait to get in my Red Bull truck and burn some laps and see where all the other drivers are at speed-wise. It is free to all spectators so I hope to see you there.


Ricky Johnson


The Off Road Championship

And you can comment on my blog if you like. I do read them! Although you know how I am about posting replies – not very good!


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