You know those old baseball films where they show Babe Ruth looking into the crowd, pointing with his bat, wacking a home run, and then waddling around the bases? Well, this video is nothing like that. But, it’s almost as old!

David Bailey is number 6. I’m number 5. Other riders are Jeff Ward number 1. Ron Lechien number 2. Johnny O’Mara number 3. Broc Glover number 4. Erik Kehoe number 8. Keith Bowen number 9. Jim Holley number 12.

David and I battled almost the entire race. Some say it’s the ‘best race ever’. We passed each other about 20 times, including 5 or 6 times in one lap. At the end of the 20 lap main, David won. He wore me out! I was totally, completely exhausted. (Wouldn’t you know I’m known for getting second in the best race ever?)


Video courtesy of the Greater Lake Morena Historical Film Group & Society

Final 1986 AMA Supercross Series standings:

Rick Johnson – 280

David Bailey – 228

Johnny O’Mara – 216

Jeff Ward – 191

Keith Bowen – 165

Jim Holley – 145

Ron Lechien – 139

Broc Glover – 133

George Holland – 118

Scott Burnworth – 96

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