21st edition of the Bercy Paris Supercross.

Second year of the all 125 class format.

Three nights of racing.

And David Vuillemin is the King of Bercy!

Day 1 – Friday night – Andrew Short v. David Vuillemin

Main Event Results:

1. Andrew Short SUZ

2. David Vuillemin YAM

3. Mike Brown YAM

4. Troy Adams YAM

5. Grant Langston KTM

6. Ryan Mills HON

7. Kelly Smith YAM

8. Jay Marmont KTM

9. Rodrig Thain HUS

10. Guidetty KAW

Day 2 – Saturday night – Grant Langston wins

Main Event Results:

1. Grant Langston KTM

2. David Vuillemin YAM

3. Andrew Short SUZ

4. Leuret

5. Mike Brown YAM

6. Troy Adams YAM

7. Danny Smith

8. Ryan Mills HON

9. Kelly Smith YAM

10. DeMartis

Day 3 – Sunday – Vuillemin is King!

Main Event Results:

1. David Vuillemin YAM

2. Grant Langston KTM

3. Leuret

4. Marmont

5. Andrew Short SUZ

6. Josh Hansen YAM

7. Troy Adams YAM

8. Danny Smith

9. Gibson

10. Ryan Mills HON

Final Point Standings:

1. David Vuillemin – 5 points

2. Grant Langston – 8 points

3. Andrew Short – 9 points

4. Troy Adams – 17 points

5. Leuret – 19 points

Vuillemin: “I have had many wins in Bercy, but for sure this one was
the toughest. People can’t realise how difficult it was for me to beat
Langston and Short, who are used to racing the 125 class. Last time I
raced on a 125 was seven years ago. I will keep a great memory of this
win, for sure the hardest but also the nicest one here in Bercy. If I
come back next year I will test both a 125 two stroke and a 250 four
stroke before the event, to make the best choice.”

Courtesy Mediacross, Supercross Bercy, and MX2K.com

Bercy Paris Supercross title to DV - Photo 1 of 3
Friday night winner Andrew Short

Bercy Paris Supercross title to DV - Photo 2 of 3
Grant Langston leads David Vuillemin over finish on Saturday

Bercy Paris Supercross title to DV - Photo 3 of 3
King David on the YZ 250 four-stroke

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