Ben Townley is firmly back on top as he surprised many by winning Moto 2 of the USGP this past weekend at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino. Making his come-back from injury with Troy Lee Lucas Oil Honda at Round 1 of the AMA Nationals in Sacramento last weekend, Townley wanted to use the Glen Helen Grand Prix to continue to improve his race fitness.

In the Saturday qualifying race BT101 grabbed a decent start and rode a smooth race to qualify in 2nd position.

As the gate dropped for MX1 moto 1 the number 101 Honda powered through the first turn in 3rd position, hot on the tail of Alessi and Cairoli. Townley proved to all he still has the shear speed that he is known for as he hunted down Alessi for the opening few laps. Making the pass on Alessi, Townley turned in at the bottom of a long hill and was hit by the KTM of Alessi, sending a frustrated Townley to the floor. Re-mounting and setting chase Townley then had a further fall which damaged his exhaust pipe beyond repair, forcing the New Zealander out of the race.

Lining up on the gate for moto 2 it was clear from his body language that Townley was on a mission. The gate dropped and as the charging field headed into the long first turn BT101 was up in the leading pack, which he quickly worked his way to the front of. Once out front the Kiwi was untouchable, pulling out a large gap on the field. Riding his own smooth race up front Townley was cheered on to what was a very momentous victory for him.

“It is such a great feeling to be back winning. I still feel I am not at the level I am capable of, and really I am still the under-dog for this year’s AMA Championship. We needed this race to work on some new bike settings and also my fitness in race conditions. I think winning the 2nd moto today showed that we are moving in the right direction which makes me happy and boosts my confidence ahead of next week.” Commented Townley.

Townley now heads to round 2 of the AMA Nationals, which is to be held in Texas next Saturday.


Moto 1

1 CAIROLI, Antonio

2 ALESSI, Mike

3 NAGL, Maximilian


5 DESALLE, Clement

6 BOOG, Xavier

7 RAMON, Steve

8 GUARNERI, Davide


10 CHISOLM, Kyle

Moto 2


2 DESALLE, Clement

3 CAIROLI, Antonio

4 ALESSI, Mike

5 BOOG, Xavier

6 RAMON, Steve

7 GUARNERI, Davide

8 BOISSIERE, Anthony

9 COPPINS, Joshua


GP Overall

1 CAIROLI, Antonio 25 20 45

2 ALESSI, Mike 22 18 40

3 DESALLE, Clement 16 22 38

4 BOOG, Xavier 15 16 31

5 RAMON, Steve 14 15 29

6 DE DYCKER, Ken 18 11 29

7 GUARNERI, Davide 13 14 27

8 TOWNLEY, Ben – 25 25

9 CHISOLM, Kyle 11 9 20

10 NAGL, Maximilian 20 – 20

World Championship Standings

1 CAIROLI, Antonio 259

2 NAGL, Maximilian 218

3 DESALLE, Clement 196


5 DE DYCKER, Ken 174

6 RAMON, Steve 173

7 BOOG, Xavier 167

8 LEOK, Tanel 135

9 BOBRYSHEV, Evgeny 115

10 GUARNERI, Davide 111


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