Backflips at the X Games, story follows:


Backflips, 3 Medal Frenzies & One Fender Guitar - Photo 1 of 5

“Metzger landed a Backflip off the ramp, called The Godfather, in each of his three attempts, including a No-Handed Lander to end the event and seal the gold medal with a score of 95.00. Metzger was crowned best overall X Games athlete, winning a Fender guitar, following gold-medal performances in Freestyle, Big Air and a silver in Sunday’s Step Up competition. Metzger landed the first back-to-back Backflips in the Freestyle contest – which has been dubbed the “Double Fritz” and kicked off his three-medal frenzy in Philadelphia, which culminated with Monday’s finale that drew 37,270 people.

Backflips, 3 Medal Frenzies & One Fender Guitar - Photo 2 of 5

Meanwhile, Hart – who fell from over 35 feet from a failed Back flip attempt in Big Air at X Games VII – took a pass on his first two attempts and set the stage for one of the biggest moments in X Games history. With the crowd, including recording artist and girlfriend Pink, cheering him on, Hart nailed the flip and was engulfed by his fellow Moto X competitors in a wild celebration after his score of 94.67 was anounced.

ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC Sports will combine to televise more than 20 original hours of X Games VIII coverage starting August 17, while ESPN International will distribute the Games worldwide. In addition,, the year-round home for action sports and culture, will offer extensive event coverage, including streaming video from the X Games.”


You will note that in the first paragraph a young lad by the name of Mike Metzger has risked certain death and/or paralysis in his pursuit of a “three medal frenzy….and one Fender guitar”.

(3 medal frenzy) X (1 Fender Guitar) = $699 (value of 1 Fender Guitar)

Meanwhile (back at the ranch)

(37,270 people) X ($25 ticket) X (3 nights of FMX) = $2,795,250

Ad revenue for 20 hours of television programming = $86,000,000

Sale of international distribution rights = $70,000,000

So, the final score for the three days of FMX Freestyle goes like this:

1st Place – The Walt Disney Corporation (ESPN, ABC) with a score of $158,795,250*

2nd Place – Mad Mike Metzger with a score of $699 + sales tax, of course.

3rd Place – Cory Hart with a score of Recording artist girlfriend Pink (unknown value) + 35 foot fall

We tried to reach the the three top finishers at their homes in California but none of them were around–so I snapped some picts.


Backflips, 3 Medal Frenzies & One Fender Guitar - Photo 3 of 5

Backflips, 3 Medal Frenzies & One Fender Guitar - Photo 4 of 5

Backflips, 3 Medal Frenzies & One Fender Guitar - Photo 5 of 5

* Editorial Note: It has been brought to our attention that the first place finisher “The Walt Disney Corporation” paid out over 1 million in total prize money across all the various X Games disiplines. That lowers their score to $157,795,250, however they still maintain the top spot.

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