I just wrapped up my second weekend at the 2008 Motocross Grand Prix series.

Sometimes, it’s hard to explain. And the reason why … well, … everyone thinks ‘Wow, you get to travel all over the place and have fun and see things and vacation!’

I can tell you – it’s nothing like that at all! It’s fly in/fly out, with 20 hour work days and no sleep. But it is also a lot of fun, and a wonderful life experience!

So, I did it! I survived yet another weekend at a crazy Motocross Grand Prix. It was an adventure!! From the hotel, to the food, to the fans, to the track, and ultimately, to the weather. It was something I’ve never experienced before.

OK, first, after flying into Barcelona, being upgraded for free into a nice BMW rental car, I drove almost 2 hours to get to my hotel. And let’s just say that the hotel was ‘different’ from anything I’ve been at in the United States. I can say it was ‘quaint’, and ‘charming’ : )

And it was! The people and the staff there at the Hotel de Carme were wonderful, and I can’t wait to go back again next year!

The food – I went ‘Spanish’ most of the time, having lots of paella, taupas, sangria, and even ….. escargot! Yikes!

The fans – they were incredible. The Spanish fans cheered and hooted and hollered for EVERY rider. Especially at the finish of each race. They are really appreciative of ALL the racers. The fans themselves, with their blow-horns and dressing up to represent their favorite rider or country were entertaining themselves!

The race circuit itself was great. At almost any point on the track you can see almost all the racing action, which is perfect for an outdoor motocross track!

However, what didn’t add to the entertainment was all the rain that came on Sunday. We’ll have the video up on the site in the next couple of days. Check it out. You’ll thank me. : )

I have another job as you might know – helping with the Television Broadcast of the event worldwide. On Friday I just got caught up to date on who was sick, who was feeling better, who liked the track, who didn’t, pretty much just doing my homework for the race, so that I had intelligent questions to ask on camera.

On Saturday we shot an opening to the TV show, and a closing. (We usually do that before the racing even starts that weekend, a little TV secret for you!)

Then we did a little ambush on Tommy Seara’s motor home … to give curious minds a little peak of just what you may find in these ‘Motocross Guys’living quarters. Anna (my co-host) and I had fun with Tommy and his girlfriend. Fun fact – they are both moving to California after the season is up in Europe. Tommy has a ride For KTM in the States for ’09. I think he will do well. Keep an eye out for him.

Sunday was Race day, and shortly after my alarm clock went off I heard the sound of rain hitting the window. I knew right away it was going to be a day full of rain and mud … lots of it. The racing was insane to watch … picture in your mind the Daytona Supercross this year … only in some ways worse. There were sections of the track (steep uphills) that became impossible to ride up, and the start and first corner were literally underwater (again, watch the video later this week to see it).

The most important part of my television job that day to be on the starting gate for the first MX1 moto and interview 3 riders in two minutes. Remember, this show is being broadcast live all over the world, so there isn’t a lot of room for error. That makes it especially exciting, and a tad nerve racking. 3 guys in 2 minutes? Hmmmmm … sounds easy, right? Just add to that equation a half of foot of mud, and pouring rain and what seems easy becomes really chaotic – for everyone! I’m happy to say besides a potential fall in the mud it was a success, and im happy with the way it all turned out for the TV show.

The flight home was a breeze, no screaming babies and no little kids kicking my seat. Oh, and did I mention I slept pretty much the whole flight? (Yep, that’s what I did!)

So, I’m back in California now. This weekend I’ll do a show for the website highlighting Rick Johnson and Jeremy McGrath. It’s my birthday this week, which I’ll spend with friends and family. And then it’s onto my next year in llfe – I think it’s going to be a great year!



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