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The sport of Supercross in Australia is revving up to enter a revolutionary new era, with the announcement of a long-term deal to develop and transform Supercross into a popular mainstream sport in Australia.

Australia’s greatest ever Supercross export, former AMA & World Supercross Champion Chad Reed will lead the campaign to bring the sport into the spotlight, and will not only lend his experience and direction, but will also compete in the series for the next three years.

Joining Reed as part of this all new Supercross company will be the highly-credentialed Mike Porra, the current promoter of the world-renowned Crusty Demons events, and founder of the Uncle Toby’s Iron Man Super Series.

The nation’s Supercross scene will undergo an entire re-launch, and re-invention with innovative ideas in marketing, event management, sponsorship and public relations.

The vision is clear; establish the sport in capital cities and regional centres throughout Australia and build the identities of our superstar riders, with a comprehensive and entertaining event experience and a national television package.

The fan remains an equal top priority, with the creation of a complete event experience which will include a sound and light extravaganza featuring pyrotechnics, interaction between riders and fans and a number of competitions and unique promotional opportunities.

Within 3 years, the 6 event series planned for 2008 will have expanded to 10 events, with the intention and scope to stage events in New Zealand and eventually Asia.

This global reach will firm Australia’s reputation as a leader in the racing industry, with the potential of attracting stars from further afar such as Europe and the United States to compete.

For Chad Reed, who recently claimed the runner-up title in the 2007 AMA Supercross Series, the opportunity to help develop the sport in Australia is a valuable one, and he is elated to be part of the new Supercross company.

“It’s been my dream to give something back to the people of Australia, both the industry and the public, who have supported me in my journey overseas,” said Reed.

“The foundations have been laid by Mike (Porra) and his team of experts for what looks to be a truly amazing series, which is sure to raise the profile and put the sport in the public eye, … the entertainment factor will be huge.”

“I’m also looking forward to competing in the series myself and helping to promote Supercross as a brand. There are a number of talented riders in this country, and the more exposure we can draw to them and our calibre of racing the better.”

Mike Porra is credited with developing the profile of numerous events and brands throughout the world, and said the venture was a fantastic opportunity to establish Supercross as a mainstream Australian sport.

“In the United States and Europe, Supercross is personified by its heroes. Each event is a complete experience where racing plays the lead role, but is backed up by various forms of entertainment and exhibition sessions,” said Porra.

“To have Chad Reed commit to the venture is a major coup for Australian sport in general, he has a devoted following of millions world-wide, and is a perfect ambassador for Supercross in the country and beyond.”

“Our aim is to create these superstars, and bring a new element of excitement to the events, which will be staged in capital cities and regional centre’s to ensure maximum coverage and opportunity for the fans to attend.”

“We are in the midst of developing a comprehensive plan which will enable us to introduce a number of lifestyle-based sponsors to the sport, along with fresh and innovative marketing, public relations and promotional strategies.”

The founders of this new Australasian Supercross Series will work closely with Motorcycling Australia (MA) and the various manufacturers, the key stakeholders in the sport.

David White, Chief Executive Officer of Motorcycling Australia, said the decision to grant the rights to the company which will be established by Reed and Porra was a significant one for the sport and he is equally enthusiastic about their vision.

“To have a World Champion who is still competing on the world stage, actively participate in the running and promotion of a sport, is a huge coup for this country, and not something we have ever seen before,” said White.

“The fact that Chad is one of the top two riders participating in the AMA Supercross Series will bring additional focus to this new Australasian Supercross Series.”

“With Chad’s profile and the business and marketing of Mike Porra, the sport is sure to grow and prosper,” White continued.

To ensure the vision becomes a successful reality, organisers have developed 4 key focus areas:

– A national marketing and promotional campaign will be developed to boost ticket sales and attract a wider and more diverse audience than the sport currently enjoys. This will make use of mainstream media, targeting specific areas and will have heavy emphasis on emerging and new media, such as the internet and online communities.

– Each round of the series will be a complete entertainment package in itself, with competitive racing forming just part of the spectacle. Exhibition sessions, custom races, competitions, music and pyrotechnics and other exciting initiatives will create an unforgettable experience for fans.

– To ensure mainstream exposure, organizers will seek to develop and nurture sponsor relationships with today’s lifestyle brands, those that the target generation of fans are loyal to, while continuing to provide high return opportunities to industry regulars.

– In order to make the sport truly accessible to all, regardless of location, organizers will look to create a significant television package in order to showcase the sport, manufacturers and sponsors, and develop the profiles of superstar riders to similar appeal of international series.

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