Barleigh Ranch

Craig Anderson takes the overall at Newcastle’s Barleigh Ranch in New South Wales this weekend.

Daryl Hurley took a moto win, and second place overall. Hurley leads
the Championship by nine points, has held the series lead for six
consecutive rounds since the series opener.

The New Zealander (Hurley) was in fourth place in the opening moto
behind Daniel Reardon, Craig Anderson and Cody Cooper until each of the
three leading riders suffered unrelated misfortunes. Reardon was the
first rider to drop from the lead when rear tyre issues took him out of
contention in the middle of the race. An error saw Anderson crash while
heading the field, handing the lead to his team-mate Cooper, with
Hurley elevated to second place. Subsequent issues for Cooper allowed
Hurley the opportunity to pounce for the lead in the final five minutes
of the race, crossing the finish line a comfortable 9.3 seconds ahead.

Race two saw Hurley’s yellow machine round the first corner in fourth
place before the Suzuki star mounted a massive charge for the lead. He
came through mid-race to pass Reardon for second then climbed on the
back of Anderson and began applying intense pressure to the race leader.

In the closing laps, Hurley made a passing move for the lead, but his
advantage was short lived as he over-jumped the triple offering
Anderson the opportunity to regain his position.

Daryl Hurley: “Those flat tyres and Ando’s crash really played into our
hands in the first race… it’s nice to have a bit of luck on your side
sometimes. When it comes to luck, we’ve all experienced both sides of
the coin and you have to take it when it goes your way. Newcastle isn’t
one of my greatest tracks, so I’m happy with a race win and second

Jay Foreman: Suzuki Team Manager: “Daryl took a little while to get
going in both races today, but when he did turn up the wick he was
clearly able to reel in the other guys and show everyone why he’s the
series leader. We only conceded one point to Craig Anderson today, so
the damage to our title defence was minimal. Nonetheless, we will be
chasing two race wins at the next round at Toowoomba to give Suzuki
some breathing room in terms of championship points. We need to do work
on our starts to get Daryl to the front earlier and get him to pull
away and really dominate in the way he did at the start of the season.”

Pro Open Overall Results:

1 Craig Anderson 47

2 Daryl Hurley 47

3 Cody Cooper 36

4 Ford Dale 28

5 Danny Ham 28

6 Daniel Reardon 25

7 Craig Carmichael 25

8 Darryll King 34

9 Lee Ellis 22

10 Nathan Brochtrup 22

Pro Open Championship Points (after 6 rounds):

1 Daryl Hurley 268

2 Craig Anderson 2


3 Daniel Reardon 197

4 Cody Cooper 196

5 Darryll King 182

6 Shayne King 171

7 Craig Carmichael 139

8 Cheyne Boyd 130

9 Peter Boyle 123

10 Timmy Weigand 104

Courtesy Team Suzuki Press Office

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