Australasian Supercross Series, Round 4 – November 9 – Parramatta Stadium, Sydney

The Australasian Supercross Series is growing in stature worldwide, and, it’s also implementing new racing formats never before used in supercross. And it’s proving quite exciting!

This series is the brainchild of Michael Porra, and Chad Reed. The latest race in Sydney providing another unique format of racing: Survival! Watch the video and see for yourself!

The series is proving so exciting and successful, that plans for 2009 are already under way. Once every detail has been finalized, we’ll have that info for you. Basically, it will run the same time of year as this year’s series – October and November.

To view the official Australasian Supercross Championship website, you can visit this link – There you will find all the info about the series, including more photos, tickets, the Super X Club (where you can win prizes!), and more.

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Supercross World champion Chad Reed once again found himself on top of the podium, but had to fight for it against current Australian Supercross champion Daniel Reardon, who rode tonight despite the dislocated shoulder he sustained at the last round in Geelong.

The all new survival format had the packed in crowd screaming for more with the 20 rider final field slashed to 15, 10 and finally five through a series of four, five lap races. Four holeshots, two minutes only between each race, close racing and an extremely tight track all lead to the Sydney Super X event setting a new standard for adrenaline fueled Supercross racing.

Reed once again demonstrated why he is the best in the world, showing off his great speed and perfect rhythm on the track, but was forced to ride hard for the win with the short and faster races allowing the top Australian riders such as Dan Reardon and Jay Marmont to challenge him.

“I had a lot of fun out there tonight. The track was really tight so each start was really important to make sure I didn’t get stuck back in the pack. I felt good out there though and it is so good to see such an awesome crowd that got right behind the racing” said Reed.

Australasian Supercross Series - new Survival Format! - Photo 1 of 2


Daniel Reardon also said he had fun racing tonight, but was riding cautiously because of his shoulder. “The new format was tough and I liked it because it got the crowd so pumped. There was some close racing, but I was a little disappointed with the way I rode because I had to be soft with my shoulder. I am staying in Wollongong all this

week and will be training hard ahead of next week’s meet.”

Matt Moss dominated the Lites final taking the MX Rad holeshot award, and never looking back in the 15 lap final to finish well clear of Motorex KTM rider Ryan Marmont and Kawasaki Racing Team’s Luke George. Moss dedicated the win to his twin brother who he has been racing neck to neck with all series. Jake Moss is now unfortunately out of the series due to a spinal injury he sustained in training last weekend. “I wanted to win this for my brother and the rest of my family. The series is really in my sight now and I am going to go for it.”


1. Chad Reed

2. Daniel Reardon

3. Jay Marmont

4. Daniel McCoy

5. Troy Carrol

6. Cheyne Boyd

7. Cameron Taylor

8. Aden De Jager

9. Nathan Brochtrup

10. Nathan Crawford

Point standings:

1. Chad Reed – 100

2. Jay Marmont – 84

3. Daniel Reardon – 70

4. Cheyne Boyd – 67

5. Daniel McCoy – 62

Lites results:

1. Matt Moss

2. Ryan Marmont

3. Luke George

4. Tye Simmonds

5. Ford Dale

6. Shaun Williamson

7. Todd Waters

8. Taylor Potter

9. Luke Styke

10. Danny Anderson

Lites point standings:

1. Matt Moss – 94

2. Ryan Marmont – 74

3. Luke George – 68

4. Tye Simmonds – 54

5. Danny Anderson


Australasian Supercross Series - new Survival Format! - Photo 2 of 2


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