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We are having a blast here at Supercross.com bringing the MXGirl action to you! I recently caught up with Professional Motocross Racer Aubriana Dunn out of Southern California, whom I’ve been friends with for the past 8 years. Aubriana is over in Europe living life to the fullest and making motocross dreams become a reality! After a couple minutes of chatting it up with Aubriana, I was so proud of what Aubriana is accomplishing I felt her story needs to be shared with the world! I asked Aubriana to blog for the MXGirls Section here at Supercross.com and she is super pumped on doing it!!  Please check back weekly for Aubriana’s Blogs!!



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Aubriana Dunn Blogs for MXGirls from Europe! - Photo 1 of 4

Aubriana Dunn is on a Mission through Europe
photos courtesy of Aubriana Dunn

Hello everybody,

Well, I am back in Belgium training for the FIM Women’s World Championship series starting this coming weekend, April 5th, in Bulgaria. I had the opportunity to fly to Europe last year to race the last round of the FIM Women’s World Championship September 7th, at a track called Lierop. This year, I decided to fly out four weeks early to get use to the culture shock, the time difference, my new equipment, and the difficult race conditions.

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Last year, I was able to get on a team called Diga racing which was an all men’s team based out of Belgium. They were extremely intrigued that I flew over from America on my own in hopes to find support for the last race and make a name for myself here in Europe. They told me if I eat, breath, and sleep motocross for the next two weeks leading up to the last GP they would help me. The next day, I moved into my own apartment and started training on a KTM250f. I did well at the next race in Lierop and they wanted me to try and hit a few more women’s races in the area. We raced the last two rounds of the German Championship, a race in France, and a women’s race in Belgium. I was able to take a few podium finishes and from there they where hooked on women’s racing. 

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We spoke about me coming back for the 2009 race season and starting the first women’s race team in Europe. We talked with Stefy Bau and the Youthstream President, and the FIM/CMS President and they thought it would be great for the sport. They were willing to back Diga Racing 100%. We thought it would be a good idea considering the FIM Women’s World Championship would be airing LIVE on TV in 2009!  With having the second moto and podium broadcasted live on TV at every event this chance would allow more riders and teams to have even more visibility and create possibilities to find international sponsors.The FIM/CMA President said “The FIM Women’s World Championship is simply a story of great success. The level of riding is very high and the competition is excellent. This Championship attracts a lot of new fans to our sport and I believe this will increase involvement from teams and manufacturers who have started to consider this fast growing championship”.

Aubriana Dunn Blogs for MXGirls from Europe! - Photo 4 of 4

Our team this year consist of two riders; Morane De Barqune, a 16 year old Belgium rider and myself, Aubriana Dunn 24 years old from Fallbrook, CA. The team has two professional mechanics which work 24/7, plus we have a new fully equiped race truck to go to the races. We also have the best doctors and trainers who help us with our training

We will be participating in the all eight of the WMX World Championship, all ten of the German Championship races and some selective women’s races through out the year. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about my adventure through Europe. I will keep you all updated and let you know how things continue to go for me and my new team Diga Racing.

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