Hi Ashley, let’s start with the The X Games experience – can you explain what’s it is, or what it’s like?

Ashley Fiolek: The X Games experience is awesome. Just to be around all the people and activities is incredible.

During the Supercross at X Games, in practice I had some struggles, but in the race everything really came together and it was such a positive experience.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Supercross main event. I put in some pretty good laps, was able to get another Gold Medal and it was a very positive experience.

After that, I just tried to enjoy the X Games. I was able to hang out, have fun … and watch. I had a lot of friends competing in different events and competition.

Ashley Fiolek: Two-time AMA Women's Motocross Champion, Two-Time ESPN X Games Supercross Winner - Photo 1 of 3

Ashley won her 2nd consecutive gold medal at X Games 16

You don’t get to race a lot of supercross, how was it racing on a real supercross track at the birthplace of Supercross – the Los Angeles Coliseum?

Ashley: Racing the Supercross at X Games 16 was very special. To win ‘Gold’, it’s special for me, my dad … my entire family. So, definitely winning the Supercross was a very special moment. We have all worked very hard, including me, my team, and my family. That Gold is very special. I think our hard work paid off, and I was very appreciate of all the fans. How can it not be special? The fans really motivated me to do my best, and everything worked out well.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks and months?

Ashley: I always want to try and help the sport of motocross to grow. I want to attract more fans to the sport, and I especially want to see Women’s Motocross grow. For the rest of the this season, I’ll be racing the AMA WMX series.

I recently bought a house, and I’ll be moving in there when I get time back home. Of course, that will give me plenty of stuff to do around the house too.

Back to my racing – I’ll continue to always work hard and always try to get better.

I’ll also be able to do some traveling and visit some friends, which is really nice.

But when it really comes down to it, I want to have fun on my motorcycle. That’s what’s gotten me here, and what I enjoy doing best.

Ashley Fiolek: Two-time AMA Women's Motocross Champion, Two-Time ESPN X Games Supercross Winner - Photo 2 of 3

Watch Ashley defend her national championship, wearing the number 1 plate on her Red Bull Honda CRF250

You have a lot of fans all over the world. You’ve been able to generate a lot of interest in the sport of motocross and supercross, especially with young girls that want to be like you. What would you like to tell to them?

Ashley: To little girls that look up to me, I say live your dream. Work hard … of course you’ll have to work hard. Believe in yourself, and try the best you can. If you are willing to sacrifice, your dream will come true. You have to put your heart into it. If your family is behind you … my family is behind me … it’s so important in helping me do what I do. I wouldn’t be here without my family for sure. Surround yourself with good people.

But you must work hard. You must be willing to sacrifice. I try to keep it fun too. Don’t let people be negative and tell you that you are not able to do something in life. Life can be difficult, but believe in yourself, always have a smile on your face and work hard. And then just about anything is possible in life.

Ashley’s bio on Supercross.com

Ashley Fiolek: Two-time AMA Women's Motocross Champion, Two-Time ESPN X Games Supercross Winner - Photo 3 of 3


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