Rules at Marseille in front of Lesage and Paulin

Macanas wins SX2 on Pecout and Giuliano

It was a great night at the “Palais des Sports” of Marseille, where has been held the Round #1 of 2010 Sx Series European Championship. In front of about 7.000 spectators in this first night of Supercross, the French riders confirmed all their value and showed their best skills fighting till the finish line.

In the SX1 class, as last year, Aranda (Kawasaki Bud Racing) dominated, showing all his confidence on the track set up by Boade moto club inside the Palais des Sports. He wins in both finals and obtains the red table of leader thanks to two perfect starts and impressing performances races, since the pole reached during the afternoon session. Behind him, Lesage (Kawasaki team Lesage) concludes second at his debut in the European Championship: he obtains two third places and confirms his great condition in this 2010. Third place for the Marseille idol, Paulin (Yamaha Monster), who, with his Yamaha YZ 250F, shows all his talent winning Heat #1, even if in both the Finals, after the start, he has to face the bagarre and so does not succeed to fight for the lead properly. In fact two great recovers let him get the second place in Final #2 as his best result. Great race for Soubeyras (KTM Sarholz), with 250 cc. 4 strokes too: at the end he concludes at the fourth place after having fought against Aranda in Final #1, when he finished second. Fifth place for Martin (Honda), who shows his regularity and constancy through his results. In classification he is followed by Rivas (Kawaski Spain), who is protagonist in both the finals, for his recovers and the fastest lap of the evening, Rouis (Honda MBTeam) and Izoird (Suzuki). The defending Champion concludes only eighth, due to technical problem that forced him in thirteenth position during Final #2.

The SX2 class was at its absolute first time in the European Championship: it is an historical victory for the Spanish rider Macanas (KTM MS Carreres), who wins at the end of two twin races (qualification Heat and Final), in which, at the really last lap, he manages to overtake the French rider Pecout (Yamaha Reptil), who keeps the lead of the race since the start but then concludes in second position at the finish. Third place of the podium for the Italian rider Giuliano (KTM Cevolani), thanks to a constant performance, that allows him to leave his followers far behind, respectively Cucini (KTM Cevolani), Muratori and Zecchina (both Suzuki Castellari).

This evening, Saturday 16th October, the second Round of the European Supercross Championship, another emotional night for the hot public of Marseille. The French fans are ready to support their idols, expecially because of their dominion in this European contest. The final countdown has began, we miss only few hours to the start.

Round 2 of European Supercross goes to Lesage

Lesage wins in front of Rouis and Izoird in SX1

In SX2 class Macanas dominates and in SX Rookie the podium speaks French

A public of almost 10.000 people, mainly young, was the setting of a great and emotional race, both for technical and competitive matters. The second Round of the European Supercross Championship was held in front of a public ready not only to support its riders, but also to celebrate for another time a podium full of French champions, and to be part of the entertainment.

Lesage (Kawasaki Lesage) is the winner of the Round #2 of SX Series 2010, thanks to double finals raced in a perfect way and in which he obtain a second and fifth place that let him to reach the highest step step of the podium. A further confirmation of the big jump of quality: an absolute victory made thanks to the continuity of the performance in the two races he managed with regularity after two brilliant starts. Second placed is Rouis (Honda MBTeam) who rules Final #1 taking the lead almost immediately and going on keeping with his typical authority till the finish. Unfortunately he does not repeat the same result in Final #2, falling behind in the middle of the classification, although not far from the winner. Third placed the defending champion Izoird (Suzuki Goldentyre): two unlucky days of race for him, a slide during the first manche forced him to recover till the fifth position, while in the second manche he fights up to the and obtaining a third position which let him get on the podium.

Two finals rich of emotions due to the alternation of the leaders of the race: Aranda (Kawasaki Bud Racing) dominated Round #1, fallen during Final #1, after a bad start, and has to be content with the thirteenth position. In the second Final he is again behind after the start, but his recover is exciting, especially when during the last lap he overtakes Vanni (Honda MBTeam). A great exploit for the MB Team rider, whose start is very fast allowing him to take the leadership of the race till the end, when he has been passed by Aranda. Who Remains at the foot of the podium is Soubeyras (KTM Sarholz), author of two fourth positions in the two final manche and for the best result in the classification is behind Izoird. Rivas (Kawasaki Spain) gains only the seventh position and during Final #2 he does not manage to repeat the good performance of Final #1 when he obtains the third position of manche, while Paulin (Yamaha Monster) does not go over two sixth places. Unfortunately the evening has been marked by a serious accident happened to the Portuguese rider Venda (Kawasaki Motoprime) who has been urgently hospitalized on the danger list prognosis to the North Hospital of Marseille.

In the SX 2 class Macanas (KTM MS Carrerea) repeats his previous result winning with an overtaken on his direct rival, Guerin (KTM), during the last lap. Cucini (KTM Cevolani) has a good start, and after the first lap takes the lead of the race, but then spoils everything falling into the tunnel. Completes the podium Pecout (Yamaha Reptil), in front of Muratori and Zecchina (both Suzuki Castellari).

In the SXRookie class the podium is completely in the hands of French, with Do (KTM), Verhaeghe (Kawasaki CLS) and Ramos (KTM), as always at the end of an exciting race which sees them precede Houzet (KTM) and Zaragoza (Suzuki International Youth). A great Fight for these youthful riders who end the race visibly exhausted, but happy for having raced on the same track of the “senior”.

The appointment with SX Series 2010 is for the race of the 6th of November at Eicma in Milan, during the Motorcycles International Fair, after the cancellation of the Round of Bilbao. For the Supercross fans the points of interest are many starting from the big balance between the riders, highlighted by the skill and the spirit of competition showed on the track to obtain their best result.


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