While at the Summer 2012 X Games, performing TV responsibilities for ESPN, and doing requisite media, Jeremy McGrath announced, that thanks in great part to the efforts of Be The Match and its Registry, his wife Kim has found a marrow donor.

In addition – Jeremy will donate video game proceeds to BeTheMatch.org

Surviving breast cancer two years ago, in May of this year, Kim McGrath was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her treatment included immediate chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

Jeremy and Kim both moved into action:  Kim – undergoing chemo and enduring month long hospital stays. Jeremy – spearheading close to 40 marrow drives and fundraisers.

Results – more than 4,000 people tested for possible inclusion within the Registry and more than a quarter of a million dollars raised.

As Kim rests at home in preparation for her marrow transplant, Jeremy says “First, thank you again to  everyone who has helped, donated, gotten tested and sent well wishes to our family. Your responses to my initial call to action have been incredible and the support and love just seems to continue. The fact that Kim found a match is really great news for us! But it is our hope that people will still get tested and join the Be The Match Registry. I would also ask that companies that have charitable donation programs and those in the position to do something, please think about making a donation to Be The Match at any time throughout the year. This organization provides a service that literally saves lives every day of the year … it’s pretty amazing.”

In an effort to raise more awareness and more funds, McGrath will be donating his portion of the download profits from his new video game, Jeremy McGrath Offroad, http://raceroffroad.com/content released just a few weeks ago, to Be The Match.org. You can download a copy NOW on XBox Live or PS3.

Well wishes can be sent directly to Kim at the Team Kim facebook page:


Or for more information on Be The Match, visit:


Announcement from 7-time AMA Supercross Series Champion Jeremy McGrath: Wife Kim has Found a Bone Marrow Match - Photo 1 of 1


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