Round 5 – Anaheim CA – February 5

250 Main Event Results
1. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
2. Chad Reed YAM    
3. Michael Byrne KAW    
4. David Vuillemin YAM    
5. Ernesto Fonseca HON    
6. Mike LaRocco HON    
7. Nick Wey HON    
8. Travis Preston HON    
9. Tyler Evans SUZ    
10. Ryan Clark YAM    
11. Erick Vallejo YAM    
12. Damon Huffman HON    
13. Seb Tortelli SUZ    
14. Kyle Lewis HON    
15. Justin Buckelew HON    
16. Jeff Gibson HON    
17. Heath Voss YAM    
18. Joseph Oehlhof HON    
19. Jeremy McGrath HON    
20. Kevin Windham HON    
250 Point Standings
Ricky Carmichael 120
Chad Reed 91
Mike LaRocco 81
Kevin Windham 80
Ernesto Fonseca 74
Nick Wey 73
David Vuillemin 67
Seb Tortelli 65
Michael Byrne 64
Heath Voss 55
Tyler Evans 42
Damon Huffman 35
Jeff Gibson 34
Jeremy McGrath 31
Erick Vallejo 25
Kyle Lewis 20
Ryan Clark 19
Tim Ferry 19
James Stewart 16
Joseph Oehlhof 16
125 West Main Event Results
1. Ivan Tedesco KAW    
2. Billy Laninovich HON    
3. Nate Ramsey KTM    
4. Danny Smith YAM    
5. Brett Metcalfe YAM    
6. Tim Weigand HON    
7. Josh Woods HON    
8. Bryan Johnson YAM    
9. Ryan Morais SUZ    
10. Jay Marmont KTM    
11. Sean Collier HON    
12. Chris Gosselaar SUZ    
13. Steve Lamson HON    
14. Steve Mertens YAM    
15. Akira Narita HON    
16. Josh Summey HON    
17. Paul Carpenter KAW    
18. Andrew Short HON    
19. Ryan Abrigo HON    
20. Kyle Patridge SUZ    
125 West Point Standings
Ivan Tedesco 105
Danny Smith 76
Ryan Sipes 67
Nate Ramsey 66
Billy Laninovich 64
Andrew Short 59
Brett Metcalfe 57
Jay Marmont 50
Tommy Hahn 49
Ryan Morais 46
Chris Gosselaar 41
Josh Woods 36
Steve Lamson 35
Jesse Casillas 35
Sean Collier 35
Bryan Johnson 33
Tim Weigand 30
Broc Hepler 28
Akira Narita 28
Rich Owens 28

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

4 for four in 2005

Ricky Carmichael & Suzuki claimed their fourth consecutive AMA Supercross win together, as RC laid waste to all the other competitors tonight – worked his way into the lead during the first lap, and continuously, methodically, and with precision, stretched it out all 20 laps.

Chad Reed overcame a terrible start, slowly worked past riders until eventually passing countryman Michael Byrne to take over second position, which he held until the checkered flag. Michael Byrne did have his strongest run of the season to take the final position on the podium.

Ricky leads the series point standings with comfortable margin at this stage of the year.

Kevin Windham, Jeremy McGrath, and a few others had some spills and disappointments that can happen with racing motorports. Both Jeremy and Kevin were on the ground at almost the same time in the main event, and they both did not finish.

Travis Preston of Team Honda was back in action on the CRF 450, placing eighth. One of most exciting races of the night was Jeremy McGrath holding off Nick Wey in their Semi. There was a split start / corner used on the track. Riders could choose to turn right or left on the start and each lap. A majority of riders choose to use the right hand turn.

In the 125 West, defending champion Ivan Tedesco seems to have his rhythm and confidence going very well – he won the 15 lap main event tonight, and leads the point standings as well.

Second place in the 125 class went to San Francisco winner Billy Laninovich, and Nate Ramsey was third.

The series heads east next weekend to Indy. It will be the first race of the year for the 125 East competitors such as Matt Walker, Grant Langston, and Davi Millsaps.

Television: February 7 – 10pm Eastern – ESPN2 – Anaheim III

Next event: February 12 – Indianapolis

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New Chad Reed, Travis Pastrana, Kevin Windham, and Jeremy McGrath Pennants!

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