The week of the MX of Nations was hectic to say the least. For most anyone involved in working at the event, it was a combination of a lot of work, but also a true labor of love – motocross.

I was lucky enough to attend, and help co-host the TV program with my friend Lisa. Maybe someday I can tell you what we go thru to make the TV programs … but that would have to be another story for another day. : )

I did want to share with my family and friends, and fans of, what the Motocross of Nations is all about. And what I learned – it’s impossible! You just have to go – there is so much to experience, and the cool thing is – everyone gets to experience something different. You get to see and experience things that I don’t. I get to experience and see things that you don’t.

I asked my friend, mentor, and work colleague Lex to help me put together a video that tries to show what the Motocross of Nations is all about. I learned a lot about video editing, and putting this all together!

This is my ‘Motocross of Nations’ video. I hope you enjoy it.


p.s. I would like to thank everyone involved in helping me for Motocross of Nations, especially Youthstream, Lisa, and Lex. And next year – the Motocross of Nations will be in France – last weekend in September! Hope to see you there!

Amanda's Video Recap of the 2010 Motocross of Nations - Photo 1 of 1

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To watch the video from Saturday’s Qualifying Heats of Motocross of Nations … here it is! It’s awesome!

To see the results and photos of the Motocross of Nations … it’s here! Very cool!

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