Actually, Amanda is sleeping right now. In seat 4a. We are on a 30 hour trip back home to California after attending the 2008 Motocross of Nations. I wanted to take over her blog, and tell you about her recent week – I guess she deserves a little bit of sleep after literally working non-stop from Thursday morning thru Sunday night.

In a word, she multi-tasked. Like crazy. Hit the ground in London and started working, and didn’t stop until just before midnight Sunday night after the race. And she did all kinds of jobs, and all of them really well!

But let’s back up a bit. During the two weeks in between the last GP (Italy) and this past weekend’s event (Red Bull Motocross of Nations at Donington Park) Amanda was studying as much as she could to prepare for her primary job – co-hosting the TV coverage of the race. She did her homework on what countries were competing, who the riders were, their histories, (how many people know the history of the three riders from the Mongolian team???) what were their bike numbers going to be, who were the team managers, the history of the event (it’s been run for over 60 years), and more. So that’s one thing she did – study.

She got into London’s Heathrow airport, got into a rental car, drove the 2 hours to Donington Park, and started with her TV job – preparing features and openings and closings to the show. She interviewed Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo. So she did her on-camera talent job.

Next, she had to write descriptions of what they had just shot of the openings and closings, and help write other materials for the show. So, she became a writer.

Thursday night, she went back to her hotel room about midnight, and continued studying about the teams (for instance the team from China didn’t make it, which was supposed to be an important feature in the TV show, and the Puerto Rican team had Zach Osborne and Tarah Geiger riding for them!).

Friday morning right back to the track, where, surprise, she was asked to host the American team’s press conference – something she had never done before, and had no time to prepare. But you wouldn’t know it by the job she did – she handled the press conference in front of the world wide media with aplomb – flawless! She admitted afterwards she was quite nervous and her knees were shaking … but you couldn’t tell. It was like she had been doing it her entire life. So, she was host of the American team press conference.

Then, also on Friday, she did more TV – some very special openings and intros for some of the top teams, including America, Great Britain, and Australia. She also interviewed FIM CMS President Dr. Wolfgang Srb. So, more TV on-camera talent time.

Saturday …. Saturday was just a big, giant blur. So much was going on …. and Amanda was so busy I don’t think I even saw her most of the day. We did work on photos and video for the site, and prepare for the live TV show the next day, along with writing until about 3am …. then it was time for some rest, but not much. It was back up and getting ready at 5am to head back to the track to make sure we all had good parking spots. Donington is primarily a road racing facility, and everything is very spread out and a long walk. I got to sit in on a production meeting for a very special six minutes of TV programming, and I actually was going to make my live, worldwide TV debut. But late Saturday night, I was told I was being replaced for this special feature – they actually wanted someone more experienced, and professional, and better looking. They wanted Amanda!

So Amanda asked her TV boss if this was OK to do – it would be a different TV responsibility for her, and again, the format was something she’d never done before. Her boss said ‘Go for it!, and Amanda started to prepare for something new – a live TV roundtable format with former world champions Pekka Vehkonen, Heinz Kinigardner, Stefan Everts, and British Supersport star Johnny Rae. And then she did an interview with Women’s motocross legend Stefy Bau.

She was a bit nervous about filling in six minutes of TV time in this format, but her preparation paid off – when you know very well about a topic you have knowledge, and with knowledge comes confidence. She had confidence after doing all the preparation and study, and talking it over with both the athletes and the TV staff.

Sunday evening, she again hosted the (winning!) American team press conference – again with aplomb, and flawless, in front of all the world-wide media.

Sunday night, she worked on the website, posting her blog videos, writing a short description of the race, updating the phone results, and putting the results on the site – until about midnight. Web-guru.

Monday morning – up again at 5am, drive to Heathrow airport, return the rental car, and fly back home. A couple issues cropped up along the way though. First was traffic all the way to London. Even though hitting the road at 6am, and not having to fly out until 11:30, she didn’t make it to the airport until 10:15. She made it to the rental car return, took their courtesy shuttle to the terminal, and saw that Continental’s check in area’s were all closed. She went behind the counter, looking for a Continental employee to ask about getting on her flight. The first person said ‘No, it’s impossible. You are too late, and we’ve already booked you on the flight for tomorrow’. So she asked for that person’s supervisor (she just wanted to make it home : ) The supervisor said ‘It’s impossible – there is nothing I can do here even if I wanted to – the gate is closed, and the door to the jet is closed.’ She asked for that person’s supervisor – he came out and said basically the same thing: ‘There is nothing we can do – the system is closed down one hour before the flight – we can’t get you on the plane even if we wanted to.’

But, they checked her status, saw that she’s ‘Platinum Elite’ with the airline, and the guy pulled out his cell phone and called the Flight Supervisor on the aircraft. It was a brief conversation. The guy turned to Amanda, pulled off his suit jacket and said ‘Let’s go! Follow me!’

They sprinted thru the airport, thru all kinds of areas, until they finally made it to the aircraft door. The door opened, and all the flight crew was standing there, and they smiled and said ‘Woods!’. We were relieved as well – we thought she wasn’t going to make the flight at all!




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Hosting one of the press conferences



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With Heinz Kinigardner and Johnny Rea



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Presenting Tim Ferry with his plate for the overall MX Open class win



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With Stefan Everts, Pekka Vehkonen, Selvaraj Naranaya, and Heinz Kinigardner



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Part of the press conference media and personnel


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