Hi Friends,

Sorry … it’s been a while since I wrote a blog. But I have a great excuse. I’m ill. I’m having withdrawals. Does anyone know when the Anaheim 1 Supercross is???

But I found a great fix! Yeah. I went riding! Courtesy of Kawasaki! It was fun! And, it was the first time I’ve ridden in over two years!

(Side note to Kawasaki – can I have three brand new KLX 110s in my garage soon? I gotta’ get my riding jones on now. You’ve got me addicted!)

Two years?!?! Two years?!?! Really? No! It can’t be true! Say it isn’t true!

Well boys and girls, the scary fact is – it’s true. Sad, but-oh-so-true. Miss Amanda Woods has not been on a motorcycle in 2 years!! And I work at Supercross.com?!?! Unacceptable!

Believe me I was shocked too. I was talking with PR Guru Jan P. from Kawasaki about “last year’s KLX 110 ride day”, and about how I rode and crashed, and had my hand ran over (by a man who is still out on the loose!) … and Jan quickly corrected me by saying “Uhhhh …. Amanda, that was TWO years ago!” Wow – I couldn’t believe it! Time sure flies! Two years!

Amanda rides again boys and girls! - Photo 1 of 4

But, we got that fixed, as I got my riding fix. I can’t believe it – I want to start riding at least once a week. Kawasaki – see above – I’m begging! : )

Anyway, I was so excited to get out there again and try out the new Kawasaki 2010 KLX110s! They actually have two models now – the new one is the “L” model … a bit bigger, with a clutch.

But first things first before I actually rode – I caught up with all my friends at Kawi and got to hear their thoughts on the bike. You can see what some of them had to say right here with our infamous video, which even shows me riding if you’d like! : ) I have to say thank you to Greg and Russ for being such good sports on our attempts at humor. You rocked!

Amanda rides again boys and girls! - Photo 2 of 4

After catching up for a bit, I geared up and jumped on the ‘Cadillac’ of 110s! I rode the regular KLX 110 – four speeds, no clutch, electric start, smooth as butter man! It was freakin’ awesome!

I have to admit – I was a little intimidated. The track was real supercross. Fast guys were on the track. It was really tight – you even have to duck to avoid hitting your head on some of the trees!

After not riding for two years, this bike sure made it easy! Anyone, and I mean anyone, would have a blast on this bike, from little kids to grown ups – this bike is fun and easy to ride! If you can get a chance to jump on one, do it!

I tell you one thing, after riding that bike, I won’t be letting it be another two years before I ride again! No way! Nope! Ain’t gonna’ happen!


Amanda rides again boys and girls! - Photo 3 of 4

Amanda rides again boys and girls! - Photo 4 of 4

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