You wanted it, so I got it. A little time with Josh Hill! Josh is tied for the lead right now in AMA Supercross Series Championship points!

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p.s. Thanks to everyone that submitted questions! You helped make this happen too!

Amanda: You have ridden Yamaha’s in the years before 2010. Is the YZ450 that much different from the past? How does it feel different on the track?

Josh: Yes, this bike is much, much better. Especially with the fuel injection and power delivery. Actually, there is so much better about the whole bike … the handling, the suspension … everything! It’s a lot easier to ride fast on.

Can you set me up with two of those 2010 YZ’s for my garage?

Sorry Amanda – that’s not possible. Same for the fan that asked! Not going to happen!

Who is better looking: you, Larry, or James?

I’d have to say Larry Brooks. He’s a good looking dude.

How are you keeping your pants from falling off these days?

I’ve actually switched gear companies, and I’m with Fox. They try to make sure stuff like that doesn’t happen anymore. I actually found out I have a wheat allergy, and changing that, I lost about 20 lbs in one month. Now you’ll probably see me at the beach a lot more.

If you win the 2010 AMA Supercross series, will you treat the fans to a Goon ride victory lap?

Ha ha! Definitely maybe. Maybe. Who knows – I might do a lot of cool stuff if I should win that championship!

When are you going to get a hair cut?

I don’t have any plans to get it cut. Maybe I’m just lazy. Sometimes I wake up and think it’s the coolest thing ever, and sometimes I wake up and don’t like it. But I know for sure I don’t look good with short hair.

Do you have a preference between supercross and motocross?

I would have to say supercross. like supercross. The tracks are cooler and better. I think they are tougher. It’s not that I don’t like outdoors, it’s just that I’ve always liked supercross better, even growing up. I had a supercross track in my backyard when I was ten years old.

You’ve been the only guy racing for a few weeks on the San Manuel Yamaha L & M racing team – does it feel odd or different to be the only rider?

No. Not different at all. Everyone at San Manuel is so cool … so great … no matter whether James is there or not. There just good people to work together with. It’s really a pleasure, a great environment, and fun to be around everyone.

How much do you ride during the week this time of the year?

I ride Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and work out every day. Sometimes we’ll mix it up when we ride. We play around a bit, doing whips, riding the track backwards. I think keeping it fun is really important. And it’s what makes me happy and want to keep riding. I ride a lot with Josh Hansen, Twitch (Jeremy Stenberg), … there are some other guys … but I know your transcriber isn’t going to understand who I’m talking about – but they know who they are!

My parents live in Oregon. I grew up riding with my dad, and Justin Keeney.

What was your favorite subject in school when you were growing up?

Math. And history. I love history and math actually!

Your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Well, on Sunday after a supercross race I like to do nothing. I just try and chill. I have to try and do nothing, because then it’s right back to ‘work’, and I think it’s good to have at least a small break, even mentally, so we can stay fresh for such a long season. I try not to move – at all! Sometimes I’ll go for a massage.

Do you Twitter?

Yeah, I just found out about it a while ago, like everyone else. I’ve seen some really funny stuff written! And me and my friend started, and we are having a lot of fun, and writing funny things too. I’m not trying to promote anything … it’s just about fun. And I follow a couple guys that write some really funny stuff.

How do you think I’d do in a 450 Supercross Main Event?

Amanda – you’d be in trouble if you showed up in a 450 Supercross Main. A lot of people would be in trouble if you showed up for a 450 Supercross Main! You think you can even make it a lap? I’ve heard about your riding experiences!


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