MXGirls: There is one thing we don’t need to wonder about anymore regarding part of the future of AMA womens Motocross – and that is regards to their 2010 AMA Womens Motocross National Numbers The series is growing, getting more organized, and I really like the sound of that!

I wanted to remind everyone of one the coolest and most rewarding “fun” races of the year, A Day in the Dirt. It’s right around the corner, taking place at LACR in Palmdale, California on Thanksgiving weekend. This year I will be at the event, but you will only find me trackside to make sure the Womens race, which goes down on Saturday, gets showcased here at MXGirls at

The track layout is pretty sweet as you can see from the image below, and if you raced it last year (like I did) then get back on the entry list for 2009 because the track is going to be soooo fun!

If you are wondering why I am not racing it this year, its simple: I want to cover it better for MXGirls at, and … I only have two knees and both have meniscus tears in them. And I will be cheering on my friends! Go Bridget Hill (first place last year in the womens intermediate class!) and Laurie Carey!!

AMA Women's MX, Day in the Dirt, Answer Sponsorships, Tatum Sik - Photo 1 of 7

Here I am having a BLAST at ‘A Day in the Dirt’ 2008, took 2nd place behind Bonnie Warch in the Womens 30+ Expert Class

AMA Women's MX, Day in the Dirt, Answer Sponsorships, Tatum Sik - Photo 2 of 7

This is the track layout for A Day in the Dirt 2009!

Whenever I start a conversation with one of our local Pro or Amatuer MXGirls ,we always get on the subject of how they need help getting more sponsors.

I just got off the phone with Ian Runyon at Answer Racing and he told me if you are looking to have your resume reviewed you BETTER hurry up and get it in, deadline is the end of November. Hint: Send a nice clean, to-the-point resume, highlight your race career and your 2010 race goals. Include an appropriate portait style photo and a action shot, and your done!!

Answer Racing email: [email protected]

Pro Taper email: [email protected]

MSR MX snail mail: Attn: Rider Resume, 1055 Montecito Dr., Corona, CA 92879

Note: please make sure you always submit a valid email address with your resumes, you will be notified via email for sponsorship oppurtunity!

A couple of days ago I touched based with top female motocross racer and X Games 2008 Bronze Medalist Tatum Sik, so make sure you check out this quick little interview I did with her about what, when, why and how she is doing!

I always have one of our SoCal local riders on my mind because of her awesome engery and her infectous smile, not to mention, she does have one of the coolest names on the gate. Its been way to long since I’ve seen her in the headlines, so I reached out to Tatum Sik from for an update.

In 2008 Tatum had a great year – an invite to be part of the first-ever Womens Moto X at the X Games. And you could find Tatum racing at the AMA Women’s National Motocross Series. Tatum was definitely on a high.

With this tremendous success, Tatum was gearing up for the 2009 race season …. but for some reason 2009 wasn’t meant to happen as she wanted, and here is what Tatum has to say:

How would you best recap your 2009 WMX Outdoor National Season?

09 Outdoors was terrible! I went into the WMX Outdoors race series with a knee injury that progressively got worse with each moto. I had to re-look my race year and figure out how I was going to make something happen and heal up at the same time, so my plan went from going to all the WMX rounds to just getting through X Games.

You were looking awesome at XGames, ready to reclaim your position on the podium, what happened?

I was so bummed on X games! Supercross is my thing! I had almost everything dialed in on the track during our two practice rounds and my speed felt great as well as being really comfortable on the track. It all started with a bad start, the start killed it! And downhill from there! I had zero patience, I wanted my title back … and it all ended when I did a really nice endo on a step up. The crash left me pretty beaten up, with some gnarly road-rash, as well as a broken wrist, collarbone, and dislocated shoulder.

AMA Women's MX, Day in the Dirt, Answer Sponsorships, Tatum Sik - Photo 3 of 7

AMA Women's MX, Day in the Dirt, Answer Sponsorships, Tatum Sik - Photo 4 of 7

AMA Women's MX, Day in the Dirt, Answer Sponsorships, Tatum Sik - Photo 5 of 7

No Tatum was not in the Best Trick Contest. WMA Racers = Harcore

Are you healthy now? Are you back on the bike? Training?

Not healthy yet. I still have a few more weeks left, but I’m back in the gym and doing some rehab so I’ll be healthy when I can start to ride again. I had full knee reconstruction surgery, so thats why I’ve been sitting on the couch forever! Haha!

AMA Women's MX, Day in the Dirt, Answer Sponsorships, Tatum Sik - Photo 6 of 7

I think I saw you on a episode of Nitro Circus??

Yep. I was on Nitro Circus a while back but not sure what is goin’ down in the future.

Plans for 2010?

2010 – Working on locking down sponsors, getting everything organized, so I can be fully prepared. I just wanna race as many local and WMX Outdoor Nationals as I can. Definitely X Games if they decide to invite me back, … yes I have to be invited back to race. It’s the real deal!

AMA Women's MX, Day in the Dirt, Answer Sponsorships, Tatum Sik - Photo 7 of 7

Oh … and here is a follow up picture from my Halloween Festivities! I had a fun Halloween with my family! Kept it real and real fun! Here is my nephew Griffin aka Freddy Krueger trying to end Little Red Ridinghood’s life! LOL – Goodtimes!

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