Ashley Fiolek takes home win in first round of 2009 WMA Motocross Series!

AMA / WMA Results
1. Ashley Fiolek 1/1 HON
2. Jessica Patterson 3/2 KAW
3. Sherri Cruise 5/3 HON
4. Vicki Golden 4/4 HON
5. Sara Price 2/9 SUZ
6. Elizabeth Bash 7/5 HON
7. Tatum Sik 8/6 KAW
8. Mariana Balbi 5/14 SUZ
9. Sarah Whitmore 9/11 KTM
10. Penny Cyrus 10/10 SUZ
AMA / WMA Point Standings
Ashley Fiolek 50
Jessica Patterson 42
Sherri Cruise 36
Vicki Golden 36
Sara Price 34
Elizabeth Bash 30
Tatum Sik 28
Mariana Balbi 22
Sarah Whitmore 22
Penny Cyrus 22

Glen Helen Raceway

Ashley Fiolek, the defending Women’s Motocross Champion started the season off strong, stepping right back into the lead with a 1st place finish in moto one. She also went on to win moto 2, taking the maximum 50 points.

Seasoned racer Jessica Patterson took home second overall today, with finishes of third and second.

Third overall, going from the Amateur ranks to ‘Rookie’ Pro now, was Sara Price.

The women’s class is growing, and more and more riders are competing. Some of the top riders on hand this wekend included Ashley Fiolek #1, Sherri Cruse 3, Vanessa Florentino, Tatum Sik, Jessica Patterson, Sara Price, and many more.

Round 1 - AMA Women's National Motocross - Glen Helen CA - May 23, 2009 - Photo 1 of 26

Photo By: CStone Photography

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