Lots of fans have been calling, e-mailing, and posting about the rules of supercross, especially with the close racing of the past few weeks. Below is a statement from Merrill Vanderslice, the Director of Competition with AMA Pro Racing, and it might help in understanding the rules and officiating of AMA Supercross Series events:

“In the first several rounds of the AMA Supercross Series, we have seen some of the closest, most exciting racing in recent memory. In the 250 class, the first three races resulted in three different winners. This parity is good for the sport and presents an exciting show for our fans.

Unfortunately, we have also seen overly aggressive riding tactics employed by some participants, particularly in the 125 class. While we encourage good, tight racing, we will not tolerate anything that falls outside the boundaries of the AMA rule book. All riders have been reminded of the rules, fines and/or warnings have been issued where appropriate and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

AMA Pro Racing personnel maintain an active dialogue with team representatives regarding officiating and rules enforcement. Areas that are subject to interpretation have been explored and AMA Pro Racing Motocross/Supercross Manager Duke Finch will be communicating with the riders in explicit detail at mandatory rider’s meetings.

The goal of AMA Pro Racing is to officiate AMA Supercross events fairly, objectively, and with rider safety at the forefront. We will continue to manage this series with those values in mind.”

AMA Pro Racing comments on supercross rules & officiating - Photo 1 of 2

AMA Pro Racing comments on supercross rules & officiating - Photo 2 of 2

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