The three big champions of AMA Professional Motocross racing in 2009 were of course, Chad Reed in the 450 MX class, Ryan Dungey in the 250 MX class, and Ashley Fiolek in the Women’s MX.

The last motocross race of the 2009 professional AMA season sure wrapped up with a bang! The race was at Delmont (Steel City Raceway) and we had Thomas Hahn winning his first ever 450 overall, Ryan Dungey clinching the 250 championship in the very last moto, and Ashely Fiolek taking her second straight womens championship!

But the next day (Sunday) was even better! It was the Celebration to acknowledge all the champions and others from the series. Not only riders, but teams, managers, organizers, and a lot of others that worked so hard this season on making the year run smooth and successful. And it also gave everyone a chance to let their hair down and party!

MXSports put on the banquet – it was at the historic Grand Concourse building in downtown Pittsburg – right on the water. Very pretty!

Before I forget, here are some of the other awards given out Sunday evening:

  • Team Manager of the Year: Roger DeCoster
  • Doug Henry Award: Ivan Tedesco
  • Motocross Team of the Year: Warthog Racing Academy
  • Event of the Year: RedBud
  • Transport Driver of the Year: Andy Holl (Honda Red Bull Racing)
  • ATV Rookie of the Year: Thomas Brown
  • ATV Manufacturers Cup: American Suzuki

Below you’ll see the photos we took at the event.

During the evening, along with the winners of the awards, I was able to listen to people like Roger De Coster, John Ayers, Jason Weigandt, Davey & Carrie Coombs, Roy Janson, and others. They spoke about the season and gave thanks to everyone who contributed in making it a great year.

I got a chance to speak to Roger De Coster and Broc Glover later on, it was great! You know (and I heard this one at the banquet) between the three of us we have 5 World Motocross titles, 6 AMA National Motocross Championships, and whole bunch of big-time race wins! : )

Man … I could listen to them talk about the history of MX for hours! The stuff they have seen and been through – it’s amazing! It was neat to hear them talk about different times and ‘experiences’ in traveling and races in (former) Czechoslovakia and Russia. And that’s just the beginning!

One Big topic of conversation for the night was MXoN – Motocross of Nations. It will be in Italy early next month. There will be two American ‘rookies’ at this event, and it has a lot of people excited – Jake Weimer and Ryan Dungey (along with team-mate Ivan Tedesco).

Jake is really excited to be representing the USA at MXoN in Italy. As I mentioned, he’s never been … he is a little bit nervous, but super confident at the same time. He knows Ryan, him and Ivan will take home that Chamberlain trophy! Gotta’ love that confidence!

The evening ended with little bar-hopping session. Now I don’t want to name any names …. but let’s just say about half the people on hand slept right thru their wake up calls the next morning, and missed their flights home. Oh wait … I guess I can name at least one person that happened to – me! Ooops!


p.s. Cheers to a great year everyone! And next year I’ll book a later flight! : )

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image:

  1. The Champ giving his acceptance speech.
  2. I got the pleasure to meet Carrie Jo Coombs. Very smart, and very sweet.
  3. Davey Coombs talking to the crowd about the season and what his plans are for next year.
  4. Two very wise men in our sport. Rodger De Coster and Broc Glover.
  5. Roger on stage talking about his two champions. What a proud team manager he must be!
  6. Ryan Dungey, our 2009 250 MX champ!
  7. Had to get a pic with the Champ, and miss Erin Normoyle, Miss Motocross ’09 …. wait a second …. who is that making the funny face in the back!?!? We see you John Perry! : )
  8. Ashley Fiolek is such a great sport. Hurt and still in great spirits!
  9. From left to right; Mark Valtrex (R. Dungey’s awesome mechanic), Brandon with MXSports, me and my new buddy from RacerX films …. fun group!
  10. Trophies looked great this year.
  11. Mr. Roy Janson, VP AMA Pro Racing.
  12. The two Announcers of the awards did a great job! Rob Buydos and Jason Weigandt.
  13. John Ayers giving much thanks for a successful year .
  14. WMA = Miki Keller.
  15. Womans MX really caused a stir this year. These ladies kill it! That’s Sherri Cruse with the mike.
  16. Nick McCabe from MXSports
  17. The TV coverage was so nice to have this year. Speaking is Scott Mac from Lucas.
  18. Sara Price
  19. Do you think Chad carried that onto the airplane? Probably had to purchase another seat!
  20. What a line up! Ivan Tedesco, Andrew Short, Chad Reed.

AMA / MX Sports Motocross Awards Banquet 2009 - Photo 21 of 21

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