Mike Alessi sweeps both 450 motos for 450 Motocross overall victory and extends points lead! Ryan Dungey wins 250 Motocross and extends his points lead! Video news highlights below, and also a Flashback of 2008 photos!

450 Results
1. Mike Alessi 1/1 SUZ
2. Andrew Short 2/3 HON
3. Chad Reed 5/2 SUZ
4. Ivan Tedesco 4/9 HON
5. Ricky Dietrich 7/6 KAW
6. D Reardon 12/4 HON
7. Michael Byrne 8/7 SUZ
8. Cody Cooper 6/13 YAM
9. Weston Peick 9/11 HON
10. J Brayton 11/10 KTM
11. Josh Grant 3/25 YAM
12. T Hahn 35/5
13. Chris Blose HON
14. Nick Wey HON
15. Jake Moss HON
16. Bobby Bonds
17. J Albertson
18. Antonio Balbi HON
19. Josh Demuth
20. Jeff Alessi HON
450 Points

Mike Alessi 142
Chad Reed 111
Josh Grant 94
Andrew Short 93
Ivan Tedesco 70
Daniel Reardon 68
Thomas Hahn 68
Cody Cooper 60
Justin Brayton 57
R Villopoto 55
Michael Byrne 50
Matt Goerke 41
Nick Wey 41
Weston Peick 40
Ricky Dietrich 38
Davi Millsaps 37
J Albertson 34
Josh Hill 28
Jake Moss 27
Brown, Blose 27
250 Results
1. Ryan Dungey 2/1 SUZ
2. C Pourcel 1/4 KAW
3. Trey Canard 3/2 HON
4. Blake Wharton 7/3 HON
5. Brett Metcalfe 4/7 HON
6. Tommy Searle 6/5 KTM
7. Tyla Rattray 5/6 KAW
8. Broc Tickle 9/8 YAM
9. Darryn Durham YAM
10. K Cunningham
11. Wil Hahn KTM
12. Max Anstie KTM
13. Matt Lemoine YAM
14. Jake Weimer KAW
15. S Borkenhagen HON
16. A Martin HON
17. PJ Larsen
18. Kyle Regal HON
19. Ben Evans HON
20. Steven Clarke SUZ
250 Points

Ryan Dungey 133
C Pourcel 127
Trey Canard 117
Tyla Rattray 101
Brett Metcalfe 95
Blake Wharton 86
Tommy Searle 79
Broc Tickle 72
Jake Weimer 66
Justin Barcia 54
PJ Larsen 43
Matt Lemoine 41
Wil Hahn 39
Ben Evans 39
Austin Stroupe 34
K Cunningham 34
Darryn Durham 29
S Borkenhagen 29
Max Anstie 26
Alex Martin 23

Freestone MX

Photos below include a ‘flashback” of sorts from the 2008 motocross event here at Freestone MX, along with some of the action from today’s Media Day.

Friday: Friday’s at the AMA National Motocross Series is Media Day. Each round, a few select teams and riders will be on hand for the press to interview and take photos with.

For this weekend’s event at Freestone MX in Wortham, Texas, the teams and riders were:

GEICO Powersports Honda: Trey Canard, Blake Wharton, Brett Metcalfe, Justin Barcia, and Dan Reardon.

Division 7/Star Yamaha: Matt Lemoine, Broc Tickle, and Darryn Durham.

Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM: Wil Hahn & Tommy Searle

And in Women’s Motocross is was Honda of Houston’s Jessica Patterson.

We asked the riders at Media Day what they do to prepare for the potential hot weather that Texas can bring. (Luckily today, it wasn’t too hot.)

Daniel Reardon: Once you are riding there’s nothing you can do, so it is all in your preparation before hand. Preparation starts days before. Leading up to the race, you need to be hydrated and make sure your body had all the right vitamins and salts. I don’t think this weekend will be as bad as last year’s event. Last year it was crazy hot and it caught me by surprise, even though I thought I had prepared pretty good. So after the first moto last year, and at most races, I try to get cooled down as quick as possible in prep for the next moto.

Justin Barcia: I just keep hydrated with lots of water, leading up to the race, and during the weekend too. When I’m out on the track I make sure to breathe properly so I don’t overdo-it … but I’m just a rookie here at Freestone, so we will find out this weekend how well I can do.

Matt Lemoine: The biggest thing for me is that when I first come off the track, I take off my boots. That’s my number one thing to do right when I get back to the truck. If my feet are cool then my whole body starts to cool down. And for me, I would say that vented gear works really well for sure here.

Wil Hahn: I do live in Texas, so my body is pretty much acclimated to this heat. I just make sure I drink plenty of water and keep hydrated – leading up to an event, and at the event. I think it’s also important to just be smart about the heat – just stay out of the sun as much as possible, and keep in the shade when I can. After the first moto, then I’ll take all my gear off and sit and just relax.

Broc Tickle: Staying hydrated is very important here. Last year people actually passed out from the heat, both fans and riders, and that’s definitely not what you want to do. I will get lots of rest tonight and come here tomorrow hydrated and rested. When we are lined up on the starting gate, having the umbrella over your head is helpful and a wet towel around the neck is good too.

Darryn Durham: The biggest thing – drinking a lot of water days before and the day off is key to keeping cool. I like my vented No Fear riding gear in the heat too. After that, I’m just going to hope for the best out there because there’s not to much more to do when you are out there, it’s hot and you deal with it.

Tommy Searle: In England, where I’m originally from, it’s not hot like this, so it takes some time getting used to it. I prepare by drinking as liquid as I can, and after the race the riding gear comes right off. I’ll clean up with some cold water, and relax till the next race.

Trey Canard: The biggest thing you can do is eat right and stay hydrated … it’s not rocket science. You just have to keep drinking water like any athlete should. Once the race starts, you really just have to suck it up and race as hard as you can, even though it might be tough.

Brett Metcalfe: During the week I make sure not to over train, because I don’t want to come to the race and be too tired and not fully recovered from my weekly training. Of course, I make sure I’m always hydrated and eating plenty of food.

Jessica Patterson: I’ve been keeping hydrated coming into this race, and of course will continue that tomorrow. I pretty much take it the same as any race – it’s going to be hot – you just have to expect it and be ready for it. After the first moto you feel like you just want to take off all your riding gear, jump in a pool, and then sit in front of a fan so you can get ready for the next race. One good thing for me – I am from Florida, so I am used to these kinds of hot temperatures.

Notes: Ryan Villopoto had successful knee surgery on his injured knee, and all signs report to him being able to return to Supercross 2010.

Saturday, race day: The first moto of the day was 450 race 1. Andrew Short with the holeshot, but soon enough it was points leader Mike Alessi in the lead. At the start of lap five, it’s Alessi out front, Andrew Short in second, Ivan Tedesco is third, Chad Reed is fourth – but he falls in a right hand corner! So, after six laps, it’s Alessi nicely out front, Short in second, Tedesco third, Josh Grant fourth, Cody Cooper fifth, and Chad Reed sixth. There wasn’t a lot of action as far as passing in the middle part of the moto, but at the 12 lap mark we have Mike Alessi out front, with the red 800 number plate. Second is Andrew Short, third is Josh Grant, fourth is Ivan Tedesco, followed by Chad Reed, Cody Cooper, and Daniel Reardon.

At the end of the first 450 moto, it’s Alessi winning, Andrew Short is second, Josh Grant third, Ivan Tedesco fourth, Chad Reed is fifth, followed by Cody Cooper, Ricky Dietrich, riding for the factory Kawasaki MX team next in seventh, then Michael Byrne eighth, Weston Peick on his Honda ninth, and Jimmy Albertson tenth. Jason Lawrence did start, but we didn’t see him in the top 15 at the end of the race.

The next race was the first 250 moto of the day. And the hole-shot goes to a resurgent and confident Trey Canard, #39 on the Geico Honda. On the first lap, rookie sensation Justin Barcia hits the dirt, and then the next lap leader Canard hits the dirt! We notice that Austin Stroupe is not on the starting line, and have been told he’s not racing due to the fall he had last weekend in Hangtown in the second moto.

So, at the end of two laps we have Christophe Pourcel in first, Brett Metcalfe is second, Tommy Searle is third, Jake Weimer fourth, and Ryan Dungey is fifth. Canard is back in 11th, and Barcia is near last.

We really like the changes to the track compared to last year. They’ve added some sand, and the track is in great, great condition. And it’s getting rougher.

At the halfway point of the moto, it’s Christophe Pourcel out front, points leader Ryan Dungey has moved into second, Brett Metcalfe is third, Tommy Searle fourth, Jake Weimer fifth, followed by Blake Wharton, MX2 World Motocross Champion Tyla Rattray, Trey Canard up to eighth, and then PJ Larsen & D Durham.

There is a lot of action behind Pourcel and Dungey – but not ‘long’ battles. It could be the heat, where maybe riders are only able to charge for bursts of time, rather than going all out all the time.

Lap times for the fast guys were averaging around 2 minutes 10 seconds, but definitely there is a variance between their opening laps (running under 2 minutes 10 seconds) and the lap times towards the end of the moto (closer to 2 minutes 20 seconds).

At the end of the 16 lap moto, and the checkered flag is coming out, it’s Christophe Pourcel win the moto win! Ryan Dungey is second … and believe it or not, Trey Canard comes all the way back to third place! Fourth is Brett Metcalfe, fifth Tyla Rattray, then Tommy Searle, Blake Wharton next, Daryn Durham is eighth, Broc Tickle ninth, and Matt Lemoine tenth. Barcia was officially scored at 35th.

The next men’s race is 450 moto number 2. And the holeshot – Mike Alessi!

At the start of lap four, it’s Mike Alessi out front, Daniel Reardon is second, Andrew Short is third, Jake Moss fourth, Ricky Dietrich, known primariily as an off-road rider, but riding now for the Factory Kawasaki team, running fifth, and Chad Reed is sixth. Ivan Tedesco is 15th. Josh Grant is running outside the top 30. Jason Lawrence is not on the track as far as we can see.

At the halfway point, it’s MIke Alessi asserting his dominance on the day – he’s way out front. Second is Daniel Reardon having a nice ride, third is Chad Reed, then Andrew Short, Ricky Dietrich with a nice ride in fifth, Jake Moss in sixth, Thomas Hahn is seventh, then Michael Byrne, Weston Peick, and Chris Blose round out the top ten. Tedesco is 12th, Josh Grant 23rd.

The moto is winding down, and it’s Alessi still out front – he’s heading for a double moto victory, and will extend his points lead in the 450 Motocross class. Next is Chad Reed, then Reardon, Short, Hahn, Dietrich, Moss, Byrne, Peick, and Ivan Tedesco has moved into tenth!

At the end of the 16 lap (30 minutes plus 2 laps) it’s Mike Alessi winning 450 Motocross moto 2! Second is Chad Reed, third is Andrew Short, then a great ride to fourth for Daniel Reardon, then Thomas Hahn, Ricky Dietrich, Michael Byrne, Jake Moss eighth, Ivan Tedesco all the way to ninth, and Justin Brayton gets tenth!

Now it’s the start of the final 250 Motocross moto – it’s Trey Canard with the lead! He’s followed by Matt Lemoine, Blake Wharton, Ryan Dungey, Max Anstie, Tommy Searle, Broc Tickle, Kyle Cunningham, Brett Metcalfe, and Tyla Rattray as they finish the first lap. First moto winner Christophe Pourcel is 12th.

As they start their fifth lap, it’s Trey Canard still leading, Dungey has moved into second place, Blake Wharton is third, then Matt Lemoine, Tommy Searle, Brett Metcalfe, Broc Tickle, Max Anstie, … and he’s followed by Christophe Pourcel and Tyla Rattray.

On lap eight, Dungey goes past Canard and into the lead! The top ten now – Dungey first, Canard second, then Blake Wharton, Tommy Searle, Christophe Pourcel has moved into fifth! The Lemoine, Rattray, Tickle, Metcalfe, and Anstie.

As this moto comes to it’s conclusion, it looks like the riders in the best condition are the ones charging. On lap 12, we have Ryan Dungey leading, Trey Canard second, Blake Wharton third, Chris Pourcel has moved to fourth! Then it’s Tommy Searle, Tyla Rattray, and Brett Metcalfe.

As the checkered flag falls, it’s Ryan Dungey with the win! Trey Canard is second! Third goes to Blake Wharton, fourth is Christophe Pourcel, fifth will be Tommy Searle, then Tyla Rattray, Brett Metcalfe, Broc Tickle, Kyle Cunningham, and Max Anstie round out the top ten.

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Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images: Darryn Durham 159, Mike Alessi with the red 800 plate, Mike Alessi with holeshot, Justin Barcia 151 twice, Trey Canard 39 twice, Josh Demuth 135, Ryan Dungey 250 Motocross winner #10, two photos of Josh Grant 33, Jason Lawrence 338 roosts in practice, Mike Alessi over jump, Brett Metcalfe 24, Jessica Patterson 250, Christophe Pourcel’s helmet, first lap of the 450 Motocross first moto, Daniel Reardon 122, Chad Reed 22 on the starting gate, Chad Reed over finish line jump, Tommy Searle 123 twice, Andrew Short twice, Ivan Tedesco, Wil Hahn 50.

Video News Highlights courtesy MX Sports

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images from last year’s Flashback photos of the 2008 AMA Motocross at Freestone! You’ll see Mike Alessi 800, Ashley Fiolek 67, Trey Canard, Cody Cooper, Ryan Dungey, Tim Ferry, Jason Lawrence (twice), Alessi, Brett Metcalfe 123, Ryan Villopoto #1, Andrew Short #29, three photos of James Stewart #7, Austin Stroupe 51, and Villopoto #1.

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