Mike Alessi wins 450 Motocross! Christophe Pourcel wins 250 Motocross! Villopoto out for season – knee injury

450 Results
1. Mike Alessi – 1/1 SUZ
2. I Tedesco – 2/4 HON
3. Chad Reed – 6/3 SUZ
4. A Short – 3/6 HON
5. Josh Grant – 9/2 YAM
6. Dan Reardon – 7/5 HON
7. Matt Goerke – 5/9 SUZ
8. J Brayton – 8/10 KTM
9. T Hahn – 11/8 KAW
10. C Cooper – 4/23 YAM
11. J Albertson YAM
12. Nick Wey YAM
13. Jake Moss HON
14. Chris Blose HON
15. Josh Hill YAM
16. Troy Adams HON
17. Michael Byrne SUZ
18. Bobby Bonds YAM
19. Davi Millsaps HON
20. Jeff Alessi HON
450 Points

Mike Alessi 92
Josh Grant 74
Chad Reed 73
R Villopoto 55
Thomas Hahn 52
Andrew Short 51
Dan Reardon 41
Matt Goerke 41
Ivan Tedesco 40
Cody Cooper 37
Davi Millsaps 37
Justin Brayton 36
Mike Brown 27
Nick Wey 27
Josh Hill 24
J Albertson 23
Michael Byrne 23
Weston Peick 18
A. Balbi 16
Jake Moss 14
250 Results
1. C Pourcel – 1/3 KAW
2. Trey Canard – 3/2 HON
3. Ryan Dungey – 7/1 SUZ
4. Brett Metcalfe – 5/4 HON
5. Tyla Rattray – 4/7 KAW
6. Broc Tickle – 6/6 YAM
7. Blake Wharton – 9/5 HON
8. Jake Weimer – 8/8 KAW
9. PJ Larsen – 10/10 KAW
10. Justin Barcia – 2/29 HON
11. M Lemoine YAM
12. Ben Evans HON
13. T Searle KTM
14. S Clarke SUZ
15. A Stroupe KAW
16. Max Anstie KTM
17. Eric Nye KTM
18. S Borkenhagen HON
19. Wil Hahn KTM
20. K Cunningham KAW
250 Points

Ryan Dungey 86
C Pourcel 84
Trey Canard 75
Tyla Rattray 70
Brett Metcalfe 63
Justin Barcia 54
Jake Weimer 53
Blake Wharton 52
Tommy Searle 48
Broc Tickle 47
Austin Stroupe 34
PJ Larsen 34
Ben Evans 33
M Lemoine 24
Wil Hahn 21
Borkenhagen 19
Cunningham 14
Alex Martin 14
S Clarke 12
Max Anstie 9

Prairie City Off Road Vehicle Park

Photos below …

After our report below, there were riders penalized in the second moto of each class, including Christophe Pourcel, and Josh Grant. The updated points and results reflect those changes.

Friday, May 29: Last weekend at Glen Helen, it looked like everyone went out for practice on Friday afternoon. But that only happens at that first event. For Hangtown, and the remainder of the rounds, featured teams will be on hand for the media, and to put on riding demonstrations. Today the two primary teams were Red Bull Honda, and Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha.

We asked a few riders & team managers what they like best about Hangtown:

Jeremy Albrecht – Team Manager Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha: I really like the Dirt Diggers (organizing club here at Hangtown). They do a great job with all the details, and work really hard on the track making it as best as they can.

Josh Grant – Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha #33: I love the atmosphere here at Hangtown. It’s great. The entire area is set in a really nice environment. And the track workers do a lot of work to make it nice. Bonus on Josh: I will be racing the X Games and doing the Best Whip and Moto-X.

Cody Cooper – Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha #21: I like the dirt here. The club puts in a lot of effort … they’ve added some sand and straw … it still dries out a bit … but I like the track a lot. It develops more than one good line, I get good starts, and the track gets rough, which I like.

Erik Kehoe – Manager Team Red Bull Honda: I’ve raced here a lot in the past. I’ve always enjoyed it. Especially when I won the 125 class back in the mid 80’s : ) To this day, I’ve always liked the track conditions here, both as a racer, and as a Team Manager.

Davi Millsaps – Honda Red Bull #18: The things I like best about Hangtown is the basic layout. It’s very easy to get around, …. whether it’s coming from back and forth from our hotel to the track, to getting around in the pits … it’s just real easy to do what we need to do. And the people here are really nice.

Sherri Cruse – #3 Suzuki: I love this track. It’s similar to what I ride on at home in Taft. It develops some big holes, just like my practice track. I feel like I have a little advantage because it’s so much like my track.

Ivan Tedesco – Honda Red Bull #9: I like the track. I usually do well here. The fans are nice and friendly, it’s normally hot … all good!

Andrew Short – Honda Red Bull #29: It’s Round 2 normally on our schedule. So the series hasn’t settled out yet – everyone’s still a bit uneasy and wondering how they are going to stand in the points still. And right now, with that uncertainty, and every rider going for it, there is a lot of buzz in the air, and a lot of hard, good racing.

These riders, along with Ashley Fiolek, got to ride the track.

Next – it’s the first 250 moto. And guess who’s out front from the start? Rookie Justin Barcia! Second is Christophe Pourcel, followed by Trey Canard.

As they complete the fifth lap, it’s Barcia out front, followed by Pourcel, then Carnard. Next it’s Brett Metcalfe, Tyla Rattray, Broc Tickle, Tommy Searle, Jake Weimer, Blake Wharton and PJ Larsen. Ryan Dungey is 14th. Austin Stroupe is 15th.

Barcia shows absolutely no signs of being a ‘rookie’. Lap times for the fast guys average around 2 minutes 5 seconds. Barcia looks great out front.

This moto goes 30 minutes plus two laps – so roughly 35 minutes in all. With around five minutes to go in the race, it’s Barcia still out front, Christophe Pourcel is second, Trey Canard is third, Brett Metcalfe fourth, and MX2 World Motocross Champion Tyla Rattray fifth. Ryan Dungey is still working his way up thru the pack, and is now up to ninth.

Now, with 2 laps to go, Pourcel has closed up right on Barcia – and he goes past and into the lead exciting a tight right hand corner! It’s Pourcel now leading! Barcia second, Canard third …. and Rattray moves past Metcalfe into fourth! Metcalfe is now fifth. Dungey is now in eighth.

Pourcel is looking stronger and smoother as the moto is coming to an end. Barcia has made a few small mistakes, but still running second. The checkered flag comes, and it’s Christophe Pourcel winning the first 250 moto! Barcia second. Canard third, then Rattray, Metcafle, Tickle, Dungey, Weimer, Wharton, and Larsen.

Note: Nico Izzi – where is he? The factory Suzuki rider is out for the season. He hurt his foot/heel during the supercross season, but it’s bad enough that he’ll rest this entire outdoor season. And Tim Ferry – he hurt his heel / foot during supercross season as well. He’s tried to race both last weekend and this weekend, but he is not racing today because his heel in not 100%.

The 450 Motocross class was next, and it was … Mike Alessi with the holeshot! Mike went down on the first lap though, and at the end of lap one it’s Ivan Tedesco with the lead! Points leader Ryan Villopoto was not doing too well on the first lap, running very close to the rear of the entire pack.

After five laps it’s Tedesco out front, Mike Alessi has already moved up from his fall to second, Cody Cooper is third, followed by Andrew Short and Daniel Reardon. Chad Reed is 17th, Ryan Villopoto is 22nd.

On lap ten, Tedesco tumbles! And Alessi is there to capitalize on it and take the lead! Mike Alessi, after getting the holeshot, yet falling is back in the lead! After ten laps – it’s Alessi up front, Tedesco second, Cody Cooper third, Andrew Short fourth, and Dan Reardon fifth. Reed is in tenth, and Villopoto is 17th.

As they head into the final lap, it’s MIke Alessi leading and heading for the win. Tedesco is second, Andrew Short third, Cody Cooper fourth, Matt Goerke is running fifth, and Chad Reed is sixth. Villopoto is in 17th. At the checkered, it’s Alessi winning! Tedesco second, followed by Short, Cody Cooper, Matt Goerke, Chad Reed, Daniel Reardon, Justin Brayton, Josh Grant, and Josh Hill tenth. Villopoto finishes in 16th, looking down towards his bike or leg – not quite sure what’s up with that. Jason Lawrence was only able to do one lap due to bike problems.

And this just in from Kawasaki – Villopoto will not race the second 450 Motocross moto:

Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Ryan Villopoto will not race the second moto at Hangtown. While riding this week in preparation for the event, Villopoto injured his knee. After riding the first moto, he and the team have decided not to start the second.

“We know Ryan is a tough competitor,” said Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Manager Mike Fisher. “He has been riding great and it is a shame he can’t be out there on the track. We will continue to evaluate his condition heading into the next event.”

At 4:45pm, the second 250 Motocross race takes off – and it’s Ryan Dungey with the holeshot. At the end of lap 1, it’s Dungey out front, followed by Blake Wharton, Christophe Pourcel, Trey Canard, and Brett Metcalfe. Justin Barcia is 13th.

With two laps remaining: Dungey is out front, looking good. He’s followed by Christophe Pourcel, who looks to be in line for winning the overall, Trey Canard is next, then Brett Metcalfe, Blake Wharton, Broc Tickle, Tommy Searle, Jake Weimer, and Tyla Rattray. We can see that both Austin Stroupe and Justin Barcia have crashed in the same area – and both are out of the moto.

The checkered flag – Ryan Dungey wins moto 2! Christophe Pourcel takes second position, and he gets the overall win for the day! The top ten – Dungey, Pourcel, Trey Canard, Brett Metcalfe, Blake Wharton, Broc Tickle, Jake Weimer, Tommy Searle, Tyla Rattray, and PJ Larsen. Barcia is scored as 29th, and Stroupe 30th.

As the 450 second moto is getting ready to take off – more news regarding Ryan Villopoto – his knee injury is serious enough to require surgery. It’s said that he won’t be back until Supercross 2010.

The holeshot goes to JGR’s Josh Grant. The guys behind him – Mike Alessi, Ivan Tedesco, Andrew Short, Chad Reed, Dan Reardon, Chris Blose, Jake Moss, and Jeff Alessi. Jason Lawrence has had another run of bad luck, being black-flagged for jumping the starting gate.

After five laps, it’s still Josh Grant out front, but Alessi is getting a little bit closer. Tedesco is in third, followed by Chad Reed, Dan Reardon, and Andrew Short.

Josh Grant makes a small bobble … and Mike Alessi moves by and into the lead … but only for a few seconds. Grant goes past. They are close … with Chad Reed now in third. Then it’s Tedesco, Reardon, Short, and Moss.

With two laps to go – it’s a battle for the lead – Josh Grant is leading, but Mike Alessi is chasing him hard. And Reed is right back there in third.

The checkered flag for the 450 Motocross second moto – it’s Josh Grant winning! Mike Alessi is second … but Alessi takes the overall win for Suzuki! Chad Reed finishes third in the moto.

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