Ryan Villopoto sweeps 450 Motocross in San Bernardino! Ryan Dungey takes victory in 250 MX! Ashley Fiolek takes Women’s overall with double moto sweep!

450 Results
1. R Villopoto 1/1 KAW
2. Mike Alessi 3/2 SUZ
3. Josh Grant 2/4 YAM
4. Chad Reed 4/3 SUZ
5. Davi Millsaps HON
6. Thomas Hahn
7. Mike Brown KTM
8. Cody Cooper YAM
9. Weston Peick
10. Andrew Short HON
11. Matt Goerke
12. Michael Byrne SUZ
13. Justin Brayton KTM
14. Josh Hill YAM
15. Nick Wey YAM
16. A Balbi
17. D Reardon
18. Ricky Dietrich
19. Tim Weigand
20. J Albertson
450 Points
R Villopoto 50
Mike Alessi 42
Josh Grant 40
Chad Reed 38
Davi Millsaps 31
Thomas Hahn 29
Mike Brown 27
Cody Cooper 19
Weston Peick 18
Andrew Short 16
Matt Goerke 13
Michael Byrne 13
Justin Brayton 12
Josh Hill 12
Nick Wey 12
A Balbi 12
D Reardon 11
Ricky Dietrich 9
Tim Weigand 8
J Albertson 8
250 Results
1. Ryan Dungey 2/1 SUZ
2. C Pourcel 1/7 KAW
3. Tyla Rattray 5/2 KAW
4. Tommy Searle 4/4 KTM
5. Trey Canard 3/8 HON
6. Justin Barcia 9/3 HON
7. Brett Metcalfe 7/6 HON
8. Jake Weimer KAW
9. Austin Stroupe KAW
10. Blake Wharton HON
11. Ben Evans
12. Broc Tickle
13. Wil Hahn KTM
14. PJ Larsen
15. S Borkenhagen
16. A Martin
17. K Cunningham
18. D Durham
19. V Friese
20. M Lemoine
250 Points
Ryan Dungey 47
C Pourcel 39
Tyla Rattray 38
Tommy Searle 36
Trey Canard 33
Justin Barcia 32
Brett Metcalfe 29
Jake Weimer 27
Austin Stroupe 24
Blake Wharton 24
Ben Evans 18
Broc Tickle 17
Wil Hahn 13
PJ Larsen 12
S Borkenhagen 10
A Martin 9
K Cunningham 8
D Durham 7
V Friese 6
M Lemoine 5

Glen Helen Raceway

‘Action’ actually started on Friday at Glen Helen with a pre race press conference. The first riders up on stage were 250 championship contenders Brett Metcalfe, 2009 West Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey, and MX2 World Champion Tyla Rattray.

Next up was the 450 players, including Josh Hill, Andrew Short, Mike Alessi, Ryan Villopoto, and Chad Reed.

Each rider talked about why he’s racing, and why he’d like to come away with the championship.

After the press conference, riders went out for practice. First, it was the 250 class riders. You can see photos below. Then it was the 450 class riders, and their photos are below too.

And next was the WMA Women’s practice session, and you can follow the Womens progress here in our WMA Women’s Results section, which includes results and photos. (The women’s race was as Ashley Fiolek dominated event!)

At 1:55pm Saturday, it was the start of the first 450 moto. Under bright sunshine and perfect track racing conditions, it was Mike Alessi with the holeshot!

At the end of the first lap, it’s Alessi out front, Josh Grant in second, with Andrew Short and Ryan Villopoto having a nice race going on for third position, with Short holding off Villopoto so far.

Villopoto goes past Short, and then Alessi stalls in a left hand corner. It’s now Josh Grant leading, Ryan Villopoto second, Mike Alessi in third, Andrew Short next, and Davi Millsaps fifth. Chad Reed is in ninth.

Lap times are averaging around 2 minutes 35 seconds.

On lap five, it’s Grant leading Villopoto by less than a second. Alessi is third, Short is fourth, Millsaps fifth, MIke Brown sixth, and Chad Reed seventh.

At the halfway point – it’s still Josh Grant looking good out front on the number 33 Yamaha. Ryan Villopoto is second on the number 2 Kawasaki. Mike Alessi on the number 800 Suzuki is third, Andrew Short on the 29 Honda fourth, Davi Millsaps on the number 18 Honda fifth, Chad Reed #22 Suzuki is sixth. Unfortunately, Tim Ferry is listed as 39th, but he’s pulled off the track, and Jason Lawrence is listed as 41st with a DNS.

Josh Grant is looking stronger and stronger out front. Villopoto is second. Mike Alessi is third. Chad Reed is looking stronger too – he’s passed Davi Millsaps.

With just over six minutes plus two laps remaining, Villopoto is now moving a little closer to Josh Grant. Then – one minute later – Villopoto makes his move quickly past Josh Grant as Josh bobbled just slightly over a jump – Villopoto is now in the lead! Grant is second.

On lap 11 it’s Villopoto, Grant, Alessi, Short, Reed, Millsaps, and Thomas Hahn. Short and Reed are battling! They’ve passed back and forth a few times now!

With two laps to go – Villopoto out front, Josh Grant second, Mike Alessi third, Chad Reed is holding off Andrew Short for fourth (obviously then Short is fifth : ) Millsaps is next, followed by Hahn.

The checkered – Ryan Villopoto! Followed by Josh Grant, Mike Alessi, Chad Reed, Andrew Short, Davi Millsaps, Thomas Hahn, Ricky Dietrich is eighth! Ninth is Mike Brown! And tenth is Josh Hill. They went 14 laps total.

That was some good racing in the first big 450 motocross moto of 2009!

At 3pm, it’s the first moto for the 250’s! Trey Canard #39 emerges as the early leader, with Tommy Searle number 123 running second. Trey Canard is leading, but Ryan Dungey has already moved past Searle and into second. However, there is a crash on the track, with a rider down hard, … and the race has been red-flagged!

At 3:16pm, the first 250 moto goes off the gate (again!). It’s Trey Canard in the lead, but rooke number 151 Justin Barcia goes past Canard! At the end of one lap it’s Barcia, Carnard, Tommy Searle, and Christophe Pourcel. Ryan Dungey is fifth, Tyla Rattray is eighth, and Brett Metcalfe is ninth.

On lap three, Barcia still out front, turning 2 minute 40 second laps. Trey Canard is second. Third is now Christophe Pourcel, and he’s being chased closely by Ryan Dungey. Searle is fifth. Blake Wharton sixth, Tyla Rattray seventh, and Brett Metcalfe eighth. Jake Weimer is tenth, Austin Stroupe is 29th.

The top four guys are bunching up. Barcia is leading, Canard is right on his rear, Pourcel a few bike lengths behind, and Dungey right there too. These top four are less than three seconds apart! Another great race!

These top four have been going at it now for a number of laps. They are all very close! There is now less than 1.5 second between the four of them!

It’s crazy! Barcia still leading! Dungey goes into second, Pourcel third, Canard fourth now on lap seven! Followed by Searle, B Wharton, T Rattray, and B Metcalfe!

Christophe Pourcel moves past Dungey! It’s Barcia, Pourcel, Dungey – so close you can throw the proverbial blanket over them! Canard is just back in fourth!

Still crazy! On lap eight, Pourcel goes past Barcia and into the lead! Dungey goes by Barcia! And Canard passes Barcia! It’s Pourcel looking great out front, Dungey running second, Canard in third, with rookie Barcia fourth! Barcia crashes now!

Tyla Rattray is starting to come on. Half lap later he goes past Barcia as well.

You’ve got Christophe Pourcel looking smooth now out front on lap ten, Dungey is second, Canard is third, Searle is riding strong in fourth, and Rattray is in fifth. Rattray is looking smoother and stronger as the moto goes on.

After 14 total laps, here comes the checkered flag – and first goes to Christophe Pourcel! Second is Ryan Dungey, then Canard, Searle, Rattray, Jake Weimer, Brett Metcalfe, Blake Wharton, Barcia, and Broc Tickle rounds out the top ten. Great racing!

At 5:05pm – the second 450 moto takes off! And the holeshot goes to … that guy that ALWAYS get the holeshot – Mike Alessi! Josh Grant is running second. On the second lap – it’s Alessi out front, followed by Grant, then third is Andrew Short, fourth Chad Reed, fifth Davi Millsaps, and sixth Ryan Villopoto.

Villopoto has gone past Millsaps, Reed, and Short in one lap to move into third. The leaderboard is Alessi, Grant, Villopoto, Short, Reed, Millsaps.

Jason Lawrence and Tim Ferry did not start this second moto.

Shadows and sun are starting to play a factor as riders go up and down the steep faced hills of the Glen Helen track.

Villopoto is starting to close in on Josh Grant for second as we come to lap five. And Chad Reed has moved up with Villopoto and is now challenging him!

With Mike Alessi out front, you have Josh Grant, Ryan Villopoto, and Chad Reed extremely close together – they are putting on a good show for the fans!

On lap seven, Villopoto has made his move – he has passed Josh Grant for second. Now Reed is on Grant’s tail as well. We have Alessi with a 16 second lead! Villopoto is second, Grant is currently third, Reed fourth … Millsaps a ways back in fifth.

Right at the start of lap eight, Reed moves past Grant as well – it’s now Mike Alessi way out front, Villopoto second, Reed third, Grant fourth, Millsaps fifth, Short is sixth.

On lap ten – you have Alessi leading, but he’s made a few mistakes and Villopoto is within six seconds. Then Reed is third, then Grant, Millsaps, Short, Hahn, and Justin Brayton.

With three laps to go, Villopoto can see Alessi right ahead of him. Alessi seems to be making a few mistakes, and Villopoto seems to be charging. And Villopoto makes his move on Alessi and into the lead! Villopoto is leading, Alessi is second, Chad Reed is third, Josh Grant is fourth, followed by Millsaps, Hahn, and Brayton. Short has dropped to 11th.

And the top ten at the finish of 14 laps in moto two – Ryan Villopoto with the win! Followed by Mike Alessi, Chad Reed, Josh Grant, Davi Millsaps, Thomas Hahn, Mike Brown, Justin Brayton, Matt Goerke, and Nick Wey.

Ryan Villopoto is the big winner in 450 Motocross with a double moto victory at Round 1 of the 2009 AMA National Motocross Series!

6:10pm – the second 250 moto takes off! And it’s Justin Barcia with the holeshot! After five laps, the running order is Barcia, Tyla Rattray, Tommy Searle, Ryan Dungey, Trey Carnard, Brett Metcalfe, and Christophe Pourcel. And as the light starts to really sit low on the horizon, making it difficult for the riders as they look directly into the sun going up some of the hills, it’s Justin Barcia #151 still leading on lap eight. Tyla Rattray is second, Dungey is third … but Rattray and Dungey are battling! Fourth is Tommy Searle and he’s follwed by Brett Metcalfe. Christophe Pourcel is in eighth.

Dungey has made his move on Rattray, and is looking smooth as he can now see Barcia ahead of him. The running order – Barcia leading Dungey, followed by Rattray, then Searle and Metcalfe. Dungey is looking confident as he closes in on Barcia.

With less than three laps to go, Barcia is leading Dungey by just a few feet. They are tight! On the inside of a tight left hander with just over two laps to go – Dungey squeezes by Barcia and into the lead! It’s Dungey leading, Barcia second, Rattray third, Searle fourth, Metcalfe fifth. First moto winner Christophe Pourcel is eighth.

With just over a lap to go, Rattray is closing in on Barcia!

At the checkered flag, as the sun is setting over the hills in the west – it’s Ryan Dungey with the moto win, and the overall victory in the 250 MX class! Second place in the moto goes to Tyla Rattray, followed by Justin Barcia is his first professional race! Fourth position is Tommy Searle, followed by Austin Stroupe, Brett Metcalfe, Christophe Pourcel, and Trey Canard.

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Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger image: Images include: The 250 podium with Rattray, Dungey, and Pourcel, the 450 podium with Alessi, Villopoto, and Grant, two photos of Andrew Short, Austin Stroupe 981, two photos of Blake Wharton, Brett Metcalfe at the pre race press conference, Trey Canard checking out the track, Chad Reed smiling at the pre race press conference, four photos in a row of 22 Chad Reed and his Suzuki, Christophe Pourcel and his googles, Christophe Pourcel on the Glen Helen racetrack, number 21 Cody Cooper, Davi Millsaps 18, Tim Ferry 15, Vince Friese 719, Ivan Tedesco 9, Jake Weimer 19, Jason Lawrence 338, Josh Hill on pre race press conference, Justin Barcia, Justin Brayton, Jake Weimer 19, Mike Alessi 800 and Jason Lawrence say ‘Hello’, two photos of Max Anstie, Mike Alessi at pre race press conference, Davi Millsaps18 getting ready to go out for practice, two photos of Nick Wey 27, press race press conference with 250 riders Metcalfe, Ryan Dungey, and MX2 World Champion Tyla Rattray, Tyla Rattray 411 and team-mate Jake Weimer get ready to go out for practice, Ryan Villopoto 2, Ryan Dungey at press conference, Ryan Dungey 10 in action, Ryan Villopoto twice, Tommy Searle 123, Andrew Short watches the 250 practice before heading out for his practice session, 981 Austin Stroupe, number 15 Tim Ferry, two photos of Tommy Searle 123, Trey Carnard under umbrella, Tyla Rattray sporing his new Pro Circuit Kawasaki colors for 2009, and Tyla 411 on the track.

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