After the first 11 Grand Prix’s of the 2009 FIM Motocross World Championship, the partnership in between Youthstream and has reached the tally of 1.9 million views through the free of charge online broadcasting of the events which has started this year.

From a total amount of 895.909 spectators registered in the first five Grand Prix’s, the number has now increased to 1.9 million as more than one million spectators have watched the six rounds following the Portuguese GP, round five of the series. With four Grand Prix’s and the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations remaining, a further audience boost is expected.

At only their first year of cooperation in the online broadcasting of the FIM Motocross World Championship (live and delayed), Youthstream and have already reached important targets which are being confirmed by the statistics.

This cooperation is successfully combining the advantages of the internet, one of the main media of the modern world providing the entire globe with information, with the advantages of the “free of charge” philosophy which Youthstream and have introduced in the FIM Motocross World Championship TV broadcasting this year. An immense virtual audience is offered an appealing free of charge coverage of the most exciting and best organized Motocross series in the World; furthermore includes a wide range of video contents and gives the possibility to the online media to embed the player in their pages, gaining a further audience boost. is currently working hard to offer the global Internet coverage of the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations 2009 and will be working closely together with its media partners worldwide to offer a yet unmatched coverage of the biggest Motocross event in the world.

The player is also available on and as the broadcast series are the following: MX1, MX2, MX3 (delayed only), WMX, S1, S2.

Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream said: “This is Youthstream’s answer to all the people who talk negatively about money, the crisis, etc. We are very proud to be offering fans one of the greatest shows and sport on earth for free of charge. 1.9 million viewers at this moment of the Championship is over any optimistic prevision we had. The work that the Youthstream television department and are doing is outstanding and the interest of the fans throughout the World Championship is extremely high. We are the only Championship in the world where fans can follow from anywhere on the planet live for free of charge. To arrive at this stage it was never easy because the role of the promoter is sometimes to take decisions for the good of the entire World Championship and for all the fans and participants, but sometimes these decisions touch some small gardens and for sure they are unhappy and they try to stop the decis ion from going on, but as I said before it is imperative to see the overall picture and only in this way can we reach results like this which are absolutely fantastic for fans, and also for riders, teams, manufacturers, sponsors and organizers. So now the goal is to reach 3 million!”

Raymond Dulieu, founder of, continued: “In one year has attracted a growing audience and contributed to increasing the popularity of the MX championships. I am looking forward now to seeing every rider and team take advantage of our coverage by embedding our player on their sites and social network profiles. Furthermore, at we are working hard to offer an exceptional and unmatched coverage of the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations. So, stay tuned to the source for the best live action sports on the web.”

Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS President, stated: “The figures are simply stunning. Nobody could even dream of such a sensational success in this short period. The FIM MX1/2 Motocross World Championship is unchallenged the number one offroad series in the world. Why? The answer is quite simple: the best riders on the best bikes on the best circuits, all promoted by Youthstream. Congratulations to all who worked so hard to achieve this result!”

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