Skateboard Big Air Elimination Results

Elimination Results from the Skateboard Big Air competition held at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

  1. Adam Taylor – Coco Beach, Fla. – 88.33
  2. Andy Macdonald – San Diego, Calif. – 87.66
  3. Rob Lorifice – Encinitas, Calif. – 87.00
  4. Edgard Pereira – Sao Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil – 84.33
  5. Lincoln Ueda – Sao Paulo, Brazil – 84.00
  6. Elliot Sloan – New York City, N.Y. – 46.66

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Kickflip Indy Dominates Women’s Skateboard Vert Final

Just a few short years ago, no one had ever pulled a kickflip indy in a women’s vert competition. Today, three of the eight competitors in the X Games Skateboard Vert Women’s competition added the trick into fluid runs, which resulted in podium spots for each of them.

Last year’s gold medalist, Karen Jonz, skated strong today, stomping not only the kickflip indy, but a solid stalefish and a finger flip indy. In the end, however, the judges awarded gold to last year’s silver medalist, Lynz Adams Hawkins, for her multiple McTwist attempts, and her commitment to setting the bar higher for women’s vert.

Lynz, who has been getting coaching from Tony Hawk for the McTwist, has yet to land the trick in a contest, but so far she is the only female skateboarder attempting to try them.

“I honestly thought I was going to get third,” said Lynz of her win. “30 minutes for a jam session is technically a long time, but the competition went really quick because it was just go go go the whole time. I didn’t even get as many runs as I thought I would.”

Bronze medalist Gaby Ponce, a high school student from New Jersey competing in her second X Games, impressed the crowd with huge airs and a stylish gay twist. “This was the best contest I’ve ever been in,” she said.

“We’re all really pushing each other right now,” added Lynz. “I’m not even going to be able to snowboard this winter, because I’m going to have to skateboard all year round so I can practice and stick even more tricks next year at X Games’ sweet sixteen.

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BMX Freestyle Elimination Results

Results of from ESPN X Games 15 BMX Freestyle Elimination Results held at The Home Depot Center

(Top six advance to finals)

  1. Garrett Reynolds Toms River, NJ – 410
  2. Nathan Williams Nashville, Tenn. – 394
  3. Van Homan Pennsville, N.J. – 391
  4. Corey Martinez Decatur, – 390
  5. Ty Morrow West Palm Beach, Florida – 390
  6. Brian Kachinsky Chicago, Ill. – 386
  7. Sean Sexton Tempe, Ariz. – 383
  8. Dakota Roche Huntington Beach, Calif. – 367
  9. Aaron Ross Corpus Christi, Texas – 348
  10. Seth Kimbrough Hartselle, Ala. – 255
  11. Brad Simms Indian Head, Md. – 183
  12. Chase DeHart West Deptford, NJ – 156

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Skateboard Vert Women’s Final Results

Final standings from the Skateboard Vert Women’s competition held at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, Calif. on July 30, 2009.

  1. Lynz Adams Hawkins, Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.
  2. Karen Jonz, Santo Andre, Brazil
  3. Gaby Ponce, Tenafly, N.J.
  4. Cara-Beth Burnside, Encinitas, Calif.
  5. Julie Kindstrand, Santa Ana, Calif.
  6. Mimi Knoop, Chesapeake, Va.
  7. Allysha Bergado, El Segundo, Calif.
  8. Elise Dabby, Del Mar, Calif.

Results of from ESPN X Games 15 Moto X Best Whip Results held at STAPLES Center

(Winner selected by text message voting)

  1. Todd Potter Temecula, CA 43%
  2. James Stewart Haines City, FL 20%
  3. Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL 17%
  4. Josh Grant Riverside, CA 10%
  5. Myles Richmond Cherry Valley, CA 6%
  6. Ronnie Renner Tampa, FL 4%

California Native Todd Potter Doubles James Stewart’s Votes While Winning Back-To-Back Moto X Best Whip Gold Medals

The people have spoken – or texted – and they voted Todd Potter winner of Moto X Best Whip at X Games 15.

Potter was able to secure 43 percent of the vote even without extensive warm up this afternoon. Defending his 2008 Best Whip gold medal, the three-time X Games medalist acknowledged that fame can play a role in his success.

“It’s always a fun competition,” said Potter. “But you don’t know if it’s popularity or if it’s truly talent. Either way, it’s fun.”

Runner-up James Stewart was a ball of energy while collecting his 20 percent of the vote, cupping his ear to the crowd to pump his approval rating from the fans. After the contest, he even bowed down to Potter and gave the winner his jersey, the stakes agreed upon during some good natured trash talk before the event.

“He was a good sport,” smiled Potter.

Ricky Carmichael took third place with 17 percent of the vote.

Marisa Dal Santo Reclaims Gold – 2007 and 2008 Gold Medal Winners Dal Santo and Steamer Battle For Queen of Women’s Street Skateboarding Crown

First place in the X Games Skateboarding Street Women’s finals was anybody’s guess today, while skaters Elissa Steamer, Marisa Dal Santo, Lacey Baker and Alexis Sablone traded spots on the leader board after almost every run.

Going into the final round, it looked like Dal Santo, the 2007 gold medalist, might not make the podium. Then she nailed a frontside boardslide down the 12-stair rail to bring her into third place, followed by a frontside lipslide down the rail, to vault her into first.

Last year’s gold medalist, skate legend, and crowd favorite, Elissa Steamer, skated ferociously, but was overpowered by first time X Games competitor Alexis Sablone, who knocked Steamer into third with her equally powerful skateboarding.

Sablone is making a triumphant comeback to the world of skateboarding after disappearing from the scene for a few years to focus on college. She brought the crowd of X Games spectators in the stands and male skateboarding peers lounging on the street course to a roar by landing a kickflip down the 12-stair, followed by a 50-50 down the 12-stair rail.

“I don’t worry about beating Elissa,” said Dal Santo, when asked about how hard it was to defeat the four-time gold medalist who forced Dal Santo to take silver in 2008. “She’s my friend. I like skating with her. We just come out here and do our thing, and today it just worked out for me.”

Jake Brown Conquers Bob Burnquist to Capture First X Games Big Air Gold Medal

After past X Games competitions left Brown just short of victory, Jake Brown finally captured his first gold Skateboard Big Air gold in STAPLES Center at X Games 15.

After five years of competition, Brown barely edged out two-time gold medalist Bob Burnquist. Tied with a 94.00 down the stretch, both riders were unsuccessful in landing their final run, making Brown the champion by virtue of his next highest score (91.33). The gold finally in hand, Brown nonetheless expressed disappointment over failure to complete his ultimate goal: A 900 off the mega ramp.

“I’d like to thank the fans for their support and the energy of the crowd was incredible,” said Brown. “If I had made the 900, I would have been even more psyched.”

Burnquist set a strong tone with opening round score of 91.00 before eventually succumbing to Brown. He was proud of the way he and his fellow riders continually took on the challenge of launching off the 70-foot ramp.

“Everyone stepped up and honored the sport,” said Burnquist.

Rob Lorifice ultimately captured the bronze medal on his final run after struggling throughout most of the competition.

Skateboard Women’s Street Final Results

Final Results from the Skateboard Women’s Street Final competition held at The Home Depot Center in Los Angeles

  1. Marisa Dal Santo Chicago, Ill. 374.00
  2. Alexis Sablone Brooklyn, N.Y. 353.00
  3. Elissa Steamer San Francisco, Calif 350.00
  4. Lacey Baker Covina, Calif. 323.00
  5. Vanessa Torres Silver Lake, Calif. 281.00
  6. Leticia Bufoni Sao Paulo, Brazil 278.00
  7. Amy Caron Huntington Beach, Calif. 261.00
  8. Evie Bouilliart Huntington Beach, Calif. 252.00
  9. Abisha Alshebaiki Temecula, Calif. 196.00
  10. Tamara Drybrough Port Coquitlam, Canada 124.00

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Ricky Carmichael and Ronnie Renner Share Gold Medal in Moto X Step Up at X Games

Fighting their way to a contested tie, Ricky Carmichael and Ronnie Renner each won their second career gold medal in Moto X Step Up at X Games 15.

The last riders standing with a 35-foot bar to clear, the X Games Sports and Competition Director decided that if both missed their allotted pair of attempts, they would each get one final chance in a single elimination. Neither was successful on their final try, but both were satisfied to share the glory.

“I worked my tail off for that thing. I can’t believe that I finally won,” said Renner before expressing gratitude towards the STAPLES Center crowd. “Thanks for keeping me motivated.”

Carmichael was also pleased with his finish. “The stakes were high, you know? Just going back and forth. And, my style has never been pretty. Just get the job done. I’m happy.”

Matt Buyten made the final three before failing to clear 33-feet.

Results of from ESPN X Games 15 MOTO X Step Up at STAPLES Center

Tie for First Place

  1. Ricky Carmichael – Havana, FL – 34.00 feet
  2. Ronnie Renner – Tampa, FL – 34.00 feet
  3. Matt Buyten – Minden, NV – 33.00 feet
  4. Jeremy McGrath – Encinitas, CA – 32.00 feet
  5. Kevin Windham – Centreville, MS – 30.00 feet
  6. Brian Deegan – Bellevue, NE – 26.00 feet

BMX Freestyle Street Final Results

Standings from the BMX Freestyle Street competition held at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

  1. Garrett Reynolds Toms River, N.J. 419.00
  2. Ty Morrow West Palm Beach, Fla. 412.00
  3. Van Homan Pennsville, N.J. 403.00
  4. Nathan Williams Nashville, Tenn. 395.00
  5. Brian Kachinsky Chicago, Ill. 387.00
  6. Corey Martinez Decatur, Ala. 379.00

Danny Way Takes Gold in Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam at X Games 15

With Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam making its X Games debut, it’s only fitting that Big Air pioneer Danny Way would usher the event into the history books with a gold medal.
Nursing a pre-existing leg injury that forced him to drop in while riding switch, nearly twenty-three minutes elapsed before Way hit a successful landing for a 92.00 score. Notching his first gold medal since 2006, the skateboard icon reiterated afterward why he was so determined to overcome the pain and compete.
“I have a passion for skateboarding,” said Way. “It’s a fire that’s burning and it doesn’t go out. I love skateboarding and I’ve been doing it my whole life”

Bob Burnquist followed up a Big Air silver medal performance 24 hours earlier with another second place finish (89.00), but like all his fellow riders, spoke mostly afterward about his respect for Way.

“It’s 30 minutes. Danny can hold the pain that long and put something down,” affirmed Burnquist. “This is the first rail jam. He came up with the obstacle. He was gonna skate no matter what.”

Battling back and forth with Adam Taylor for third place, Rob Lorifice’s eventually retained the lead with an 88.33 score. This marked Lorifice’s second bronze medal of X Games 15.

Results of from ESPN X Games 15 Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam at STAPLES Center

1) Danny Way San Diego, CA 92.00

2) Bob Burnquist Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 89.00

3) Rob Lorifice Encinitas, CA 88.33

4) Adam Taylor Cocoa Beach, FL 87.33

5) Andy Macdonald San Diego, CA 85.33

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Garrett Reynolds Wins Second BMX Street Gold

For the first two sessions of the three session BMX Freestyle Street competition, it looked like last year’s silver medalist, Van Homan, might unseat X Games BMX Freestyle Street champion Garrett Reynolds. In the end, Reynolds – who dominated nearly every X Games Street competition last year, winning three gold medals and one silver in the four international X Games competitions held in 2008, along with his gold from X Games 14 – proved to be unstoppable.

A flawless manual down the 12-stair handrail earned Homan a perfect score of 50 in an early run, which Reynolds answered in his trademark style, throwing two barspins into his 360 down the stair set, as well as his signature trick: a tucked no-hander to icepick (a grind on the back peg only). The trick tradeoff continued as the two came out of the first session tied for first, and rode out of the second session separated by only one point.

A foot injury sustained during practice on Tuesday slowed Homan down in the third session, which allowed Reynolds to pull himself into a commanding lead while X Games rookie Ty Morrow – who’d been trailing in a close third place position throughout the competition–came from behind to snag the silver.

“I was so nervous to ride with these guys,” said Ty Morrow, an underground sensation from Florida who rarely enters competitions and has never competed in the X Games. “This was a great contest, though, and I’m so excited about the way it turned out.”

“I’m just psyched,” said Reynolds of his win. “It’s awesome to be on the podium with two incredible riders like Ty and Van. I had a great time.”

Moto X Super X Adaptive Final Results

Final Standings from the Moto X Super X Adaptive competition held at the Home Depot Center

1. Chris Ridgway Cypress, Calif. 314.69

2. Mike Schultz Pillager, Minn. 324.38

3. Jason Woods Highlands, N.C. 331.50

4. Jim Wazny Merrill, Mich. 344.80

5. Ricky James Murrieta, Calif. 345.37

6. Samuel Erasmus Stilfontein, South Africa 346.40

7. Theodore Hiracheta Carlisle, Iowa 347.29

8. Jesse Gildea Osceola, Iowa 372.06

9. Nick Pappas Livermore, Calif. 576.15

10. George Hammel Tucson, Ariz. 580.45

11. Ranel Cox Tucson, Ariz. 591.57

12. Shane Tacker Bono, Ariz. 617.96

Results of from ESPN X Games 15 BMX Freestyle Big Air at STAPLES Center

1) Kevin Robinson East Providence, RI 91.00

2) Chad Kagy Gilroy, CA 90.33

3) Dave Mirra Greenville, NC 89.66

4) Allan Cooke Temecula, CA 89.33

5) Anthony Napolitan Youngstown, OH 87.66

6) Morgan Wade Tyler, TX 82.33

World’s Best Amateur Vert Skaters Wow Crowd

Ten of the world’s top amateur vert skaters competed for X Games Gold today in an exciting, fast-paced competition full of 540s, flip tricks, and multiple 900 attempts.

Sam Beckett, last year’s silver medal winner in the X Games Skateboard Vert Am competition, tried his best to take the title, but suffered from a heavy slam in the finals, which allowed 14-year-old Sam Bosworth to edge him out for the win.

“This place is insane! I can’t even speak,” exclaimed gold medalist Bosworth, who travelled to the competition from Cornwall, Britain. “Where I come from it rains every day, so getting used to the heat here was really hard. I didn’t think I could win, but I did my best. It feels amazing!”

Pedro Barros, 14, from Brazil skated strong all day, earning himself the bronze.

Second Gold For Adaptive Moto X Rider Chris Ridgway

Chad Ridgway jumped off the line, quickly worked his way into the front spot and didn’t let up once during the five-lap heat in tonight’s Moto X Super X Adaptive competition. Former Winter X Snocross competitor Mike Schultz was hot on his heels the entire race, but couldn’t overtake last year’s gold medal winner.

“I didn’t get a good start,” said Ridgway. “I had to muscle my way up to the front, and then be patient. I didn’t want to hit any big jumps until I saw what Mike was doing.”

Along with back-to-back X Games gold wins, Ridgway has won the Extremity Games the last three years in a row. Before losing his left leg below the knee in 2002 from a crash he suffered in 1995, Ridgway raced professional motocross for ten years.

“I get treated better at this race than anywhere else in the world,” said Ridgway about the X Games. “This race was more exciting than last year because I’ve been training all year long, and really had to fight for it. I felt like this was my race, though. And I’m so honored to win this against Mike. We always compete against each other. He better watch out next year.”

Jason Woods, from Highland, North Carolina came in third.

Skateboard Vert Am Final Results

Final Results from the Skateboard Vert Am competition held at The Home Depot Center in Los Angeles

1. Sam Bosworth Cornwall, Britain 85.00

2. Sam Beckett Norwich, Britain 76.00

3. Pedro Barros Florianopolis, Brazil 73.00

4. Ronaldo Gomes Sao Paulo, Brazil 69.00

5. Italio Penarrubia Sao Paulo, Brazil 61.00

Cranmer Takes Second X Games Gold

The X Games 15 BMX Freestyle Park Finals came down to a battle for first, between last year’s silver medalist Diogo Canina and four-time BMX park medalist Scotty Cranmer.

Diogo Canina came out of the first round hot, pulling no handed flips and 360 flips in huge, near flawless runs that put him over 10 points ahead on the scoreboard in his heat. Scotty Cranmer and last year’s gold medal winner, Daniel Dhers, spent the second heat essentially tied in the standings, until Cranmer’s final run bumped him up into first position going into the finals.

Cranmer, 2006 gold medalist who earned silver in 2007 and 2005, and Canina spent the finals trading places on the scoreboard. Canina charged the course and looked to be the winner, but Cranmer pulled a double tailwhip backflip up the step up on his final run, with only seconds left in the competition, putting him one point ahead of Canina, into the gold medal position.

“Scotty’s a machine,” said Canina of his competition. “Of course I wanted gold–growing up you always dream of winning it all–but this is still an amazing feeling.”

“We’ve all been riding with each other for a long time,” added Cranmer. “I don’t think we’ve ever been in a final that was that close. It was crazy!”

Gary Young, who qualified first in yesterday’s BMX Freestyle Park Elimination competition tied with Dhers for fifth place in the second heat. With only the top five riders from the first two heats advancing to the final round, the tiebreaking factor came down to which rider had earned the highest overall score in a single run. Young had it, leaving Dhers empty handed while Young advanced to the finals, and then went on to edge out Corey Bohan and Ryan Guettler for the Bronze.

BMX Freestyle Park Final Results

Final Standings from the BMX Freestyle Park competition held at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

1. Scotty Cranmer Jackson, N.J.

2. Diogo Canina Amparo, Brazil

3. Gary Young San Diego, Calif.

4. Ryan Guettler Beenleigh, Australia

5. Corey Bohan Brisbane, Australia

6. Daniel Dhers Caracas, Venezuela

7. Rob Darden Greenville, N.C.

8. Jeremiah Smith Cincinnati, Ohio

9. Dennis Enarson San Diego, Calif.

10. Chase Hawk Austin, Texas

Skateboard Street Men’s Final Results

1. Paul Rodriguez Northridge, Calif. 390.00

2. Nyjah Huston Huntington Beach, Calif. 364.00

3. Adam Dyet Salt Lake City, Utah 349.00

4. Rodolfo Ramos Florianopolis, Brazil 348.00

5. Nick Dompierre New Bedford, Mass. 310.00

6. Ryan Sheckler San Clemente, Calif. 221.00

Ivan Lazzarini Makes History as Gold Medal Winner in Moto X SuperMoto at X Games 15

Ivan Lazzarini began the X Games 15 Moto X SuperMoto Final at The Home Depot Center in the first position, and never surrendered that spot over the course of 20 laps.

Speeding his way to a 29:32.710 finish, Lazzarini not only became the first European rider to take the top prize in Super Moto, but in any Moto X competition. This significance of this groundbreaking moment wasn’t lost by the overjoyed Lazzarini after the race.

“The American guys make it hard to close the gap,” said Lazzarini. “I had no practice. I just built my bike Thursday, so I had no idea what it would do.”

“X Games is like a dream come true. I always watch the X Games. I am very proud that ESPN called me to come to the US to compete.”

Lazzarini’s win didn’t come without a scare, as silver medalist Mark Burkhart had arrived to compete. Working from a fourth position start to within tenths of a second behind Lazzarini, the Ohio native couldn’t quite push ahead. Despite an impressive and valiant effort, Burkhart wasn’t satisfied with “close.”

“I can’t believe I got into second from where I started, but I’d rather have gold any day,” said Burkhart. “I put a lot into this and I don’t come here to get second or third.”

Frenchman Adrien Chareyre maintained the events’ international flavor with a third place finish. Like Lazzarini, he was thrilled to hold his own against a highly accomplished field.

“It is my first time here at X Games and to get a medal means so much. I’m so happy.”

P-Rod Reclaims His X Games Skateboard Street Title

Paul Rodriguez finally got the monkey off his back. After becoming the first skateboarder ever to win back-to-back gold in the X Games Skateboarding Street contest in 2005, P-Rod failed to podium for the following two years and was held to second place last year by X Games 14 gold medal winner, Ryan Sheckler. All that changed today, with his commanding win in the Skateboard Street Finals.

In the Skateboarding Street competition, each skater gets 10 attempts per session to land tricks on a specific set of street features. The top three scores from each session get added to their overall score. Rodriguez unleashed a flurry of switch tricks early on that earned him top scores, and had him leading the pack going into the third session. Unfortunately, the final set of street features, consisting of two steep banks and a 12-step staircase, seemed to cause problems for nearly all the competitors, including P-Rod.

Going into the final attempts of the third session, Rodriguez had failed to land more than two solid tricks. Fourteen-year-old Nyjah Huston pulled a kickflip back lipslide on the rail on his ninth attempt, putting him into the lead, but in the final moments he nailed a switch heelflip down the stairs, that propelled him into first and the gold.

“It’s like an itch that finally got scratched. It’s been four years [since I won Gold],” Rodriguez said, adding with a nod towards second place finisher Huston, “It’s good to know that I can still hang with these youngsters.”

Adam Dyet, who skated and crashed equally as hard throughout the contest, was in fourth going into his last run, but a nollie full cab down the stair set earned him high scores, pushing Rodolfo Ramos out of medal contention just as the session came to a close.

Sheckler, whose first place standing from last year prequalified him for the finals today, skated the contest with an injured back. After multiple falls in the first session, he seemed to be warming up going into the second session, landing a switch heelflip and a nollie heelflip backside 180 down the three-flat-four staircase. A bail on the 8th of his 10 allotted trick attempts left him visibly shaken, and a hard fall on his last attempt caused him to roll his ankle. He did not move on to the third session.

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Ashley Fiolek Becomes First Deaf Medalist in X Games History with Gold in Women’s Moto X Super X at X Games 15

Ashley Fiolek went from X Games rookie to instant icon as the first hearing impaired medalist in competition history, taking the Moto X Super X Women’s Final gold in front of an emotionally charged crowd at The Home Depot Center.

On the heels of a recent ESPY nomination for Best Female Action Sports Athlete, Fiolek maintained her seasonal roll with a dramatic last minute win. On Jessica Patterson’s heels throughout the race, Fiolek finally made her move on a masterful pass.

“I can’t believe that I’m here,” said Fiolek. “The X Games is a big deal for women to come here. I’m very excited I won and had a lot of fun. It’s great that ESPN has added women racing.”

Patterson led for the race’s majority, but eventually succumbed to the pressure being applied by Fiolek.

“I knew she was close and that it was going to be a battle with the slick track,” admitted Patterson. “I made little mistakes. I thought jumping the finish line jump was faster, but that’s where she passed me.”

Despite finishing just short of her goal, Patterson was able to take pride in recognizing how she and her fellow riders were raising the profile of Women’s Moto X.

“It means a lot. It’s getting us a lot of exposure. People are seeing that we are going to be here for a while.”

Fiolek’s fellow X Games rookie, Elizabeth Bash, walked away with the bronze.

Results from ESPN X Games 15 Moto X Super X Women’s Final at The Home Depot Center

Ashley Fiolek Saint Augustine, FL 372.47

Jessica Patterson Tallahassee, FL 375.82

Elizabeth Bash Riverside, CA 397.32

Sherri Cruse Bakersfield, CA 398.58

Jacqueline Strong Sedona, AZ 419.01

Tarah Geiger Aguadilla, PRI 428.20

Sayaka Kaneshiro Torrance, CA 431.21

Penni Cyrus Queen Creek, AZ 441.08

April Zastrow Kuna, ID 632.36

Tatum Sik Temecula, CA 972.93

BMX Freestyle Vert Final Results

1. Jamie Bestwick State College, Pa.

2. Simon Tabron Liverpool, Britain

3. Chad Kagy Gilroy, Calif.

4. Jimmy Walker Ocala, Fla.

5. Dennis McCoy Kansas City, Mo.

6. Coco Zurita Santiago, Chile

7. Tim Wood Brisbane, Australia

8. Jay Eggleston Denver, Colo.

9. Kevin Robinson East Providence, R.I.

10. Zack Warden St. Louis, Mo.

Kyle Loza “Three-peats” as Gold Medalist in Moto X Best Trick at X Games 15

In STAPLES Center, where the Los Angeles Lakers won three straight championships, Kyle Loza followed suit, becoming the first ever to three-peat in Moto X Best Trick and only the third Moto X athlete to do so in X Games history. Using a variation of the sequence that won gold last year, Loza notched an 89.20 with a “Electric Doom to Kiss of Death” to successfully defend his first place status.

“It was pretty much the same thing as last year, but if you look at the video, it’s different,” noted Loza. “But I struggled with the landing and my hand blew off, so I didn’t think I’d win.”

Blake Williams was given an 88.00 score and a silver medal for his “Flying Dutchman,” a 360 Indian Air trick. Spontaneously naming the trick at the post-event press conference, Williams explained how that same loose attitude helped him achieve podium success.

“Tonight I came here and thought, ‘just stick my trick and let everyone else do what they’re gonna do,’ ” said Williams. “I’ll wait until tomorrow and then hopefully have more to celebrate.”

Todd Potter earned a bronze medal with an 83.40 after executing a cliff hanger off the 75-foot ramp to a no-handed foot.

“I’m so psyched. I’ve got five total X Games medals. Either way, I’m happy about the finish,” said Potter.

All three riders dedicated their medals in memory of the late Jeremy Lusk.

Results of from ESPN X Games 15 Moto X Best Trick at STAPLES Center

1) Kyle Loza Foothill Ranch, CA 89.20

2) Blake Williams Baxter, Victoria (AUS) 88.00

3) Todd Potter Winchester, CA 83.40

4) Travis Pastrana Annapolis MD 61.40

5) Paris Rosen Apple Valley, MN 57.80

6) Charles Pages Tosse,France 55.00

7) Scott Murray Yelps, MI 51.80

8) Willy Watts Broken Arrow, OK 37.60

Josh Hansen becomes back-to-back gold medalist in Moto X Super X at X Games 15

Lap twelve proved Josh Hansen’s luckiest towards mounting a successful defense of his Moto X Super X Men’s Final gold medal at The Home Depot Center.

A dozen laps into the race, Hansen passed Kevin Windham and never looked back, remaining safely ahead for the event’s remainder. For Hansen, the key to keeping the opposition at arm’s length mostly centered around steady decisions and minimizing any mistakes.

“I was just trying to be consistent, ride good and make sure I didn’t override the track,” said Hansen. “I’m happy. I’m stoked. It felt good.”

Pushing past Windham was also the key to a silver medal for Justin Brayton. He may have proved triumphant in the end, but coming out the victor of this back and forth battle was anything but an easy task.

“We were playing cat and mouse and it was super hard to pass,” said Brayton. “Once you get off the main line, it was super hard and slick.”

Given how Windham settled for the bronze first after leading for more than half of the race’s opening laps, it was no surprise that he expressed disappointment at his overall performance.

“I didn’t feel like myself today,” said Windham. “I just wasn’t ready, I guess.”

Results from ESPN X Games 15 Moto X Super X Men’s Final at The Home Depot Center

Josh Hansen Murrieta, CA 46.94

Justin Brayton Murrieta, CA 46.84

Kevin Windham Centreville, MS 47.04

Matt Boni Geneva, FL 47.89

Nick Wey Dewitt, MI 48.39

Chris Blose Phoenix, AZ 47.57

Jeremy McGrath Encinitas, CA 48.08

Christian Craig San Diego, CA 47.87

Heath Voss Mico, TX 48.67

Daniel Blair Lodi, CA 48.58

Mike Sleeter Temecula, CA 51.64

Jason Lawrence Summers Point, NJ 46.38

Blake Wharton Pilot Point, TX 49.08

Max Anstie Newbury (GBR) 51.54

Josh Grant Riverside, CA 47.15

Cole Mort Glendive, CA 92.68

Jamie Bestwick Wins Seventh X Games BMX Freestyle Vert Gold

Jamie Bestwick’s first two runs in the final were so flawless they earned him 49 out of a perfect 50 possible points. He went down in his third run–hanging up on the coping of his re-entry into the vert ramp after a lofty 540 tailwhip–walked off the ramp uninjured, but didn’t return to the competition. Fortunately, since the top two best runs in the jam session were what counted, his were enough to earn the 2006 and 2007 BMX Vert gold medal winner his third gold in a row.

“I saw the way Jamie rode, and I hate to say it, I knew we were competing for second place,” said silver medalist Simon Tabron. “He put down possibly the two best runs I’ve ever seen him do. And really from that point unless Moses appeared next to the ramp and parted the Red Sea or some other kind of crazy miracle, we were competing for second place tonight.”

Tabron, who was the first person to land back-to-back 900s in competition in 2007s X Games, also took home his seventh X Games BMX Vert medal tonight. He didn’t try the back-to-back, but threw a one-foot, one-handed 900 into his run, which had never been done in competition. The groundbreaking move was enough to get him into second place. Chad Kagy, who took home silver in the BMX Big Air on Friday night, wowed the crowd with moves like a flat spin 540 tailwhip to opposite tailwhip flare. His bronze in tonight’s competition brings his total X Games medal tally to 11.

PLG Ties Lasek For Most Skateboard Vert Golds

Pierre-Luc Gagnon defended his X Games gold medal in a fight to the finish with four-time Skateboard Vert gold medalist Bucky Lasek. His victory over last year’s silver medal winner means he is now tied with Lasek for the most gold medals in X Games Skateboard Vert.

Gagnon dominated the competition early on, throwing best-trick contest winning moves in the first round. He fell on his first two of five runs in the finals, and momentarily opened up the door for Lasek, who then set off the match by dropping into the ramp switch and executing a string of difficult tricks like the McEgg.

PLG rose to the occasion, throwing multiple 720 melons and nollie flips into his final runs to regain the lead.

“I was so inspired by P-Rod’s comback in Street today,” said Gagnon. “I watched him and thought, ‘I could do that.’ I was also so hyped on the design of the gold medal. I was like, ‘I gotta get me one of those!'”

Because Andy Macdonald qualified for the finals in fifth place he was slotted last in the running order in the finals and was only able to complete four 30-second runs in the fast-paced 12-minute jam session. The other four skaters got in five runs, but it didn’t stop Macdonald from beating out Danny Mayer and Alex Perelson for the bronze.

Macdonald has skated in every single X Games since it started in 1995. Tonight’s bronze medal brings his total X Games medal count to 18.

Skateboard Vert Men’s Final Results

1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon Carlsbad, Calif.

2. Bucky Lasek Baltimore, Md.

3. Andy Macdonald San Diego, Calif.

4. Danny Mayer Omaha, Neb.

5. Alex Perelson San Digeo, Calif.

6. Bob Burnquist Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

7. Rune Glifberg Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Sandro Dias Santo Andre, Brazil

9. Rob Lorifice Encinitas, Calif.

10. Adam Taylor Coco Beach, Fla.

Blake Williams Emerges Tops in Moto X Freestyle and Grabs First Gold Medal of Career

Blake Williams’ ability to conquer pressure proved the difference between second place and winning the Moto X Freestyle gold medal at The Home Depot Center.

Having just watched Jeremy Stenberg earn a third round 43 to create an overall score of 86, Blake Williams matched “Twitch” with a 43 of his own. Paired with an earlier 44, that was enough to give Williams an 87 and squeeze him just past Stenberg, earning the Australian rider his first career X Games gold.

“I just had to throw it all out there and gather myself for the last one,” admitted Williams. “By the end, I was handling the pressure. I set my heart on gold and gold only. And I got it.”

For Stenberg, the highly contested silver was especially noteworthy, considering where his head often was during the competition. As Stenberg mentioned afterward, he couldn’t help but think about his close friend, the late Moto X athlete Jeremy Lusk.

“For me, it was a little hard,” admitted Stenberg. “Luckily, I’ve been blessed enough to stay healthy and win a silver. He was a great guy, a great competitor and a great friend. I dedicate this medal to him.”

For Nate Adams, the bronze medal made for his eighth podium trip in as many X Games appearances.

Results from ESPN X Games 15 Moto X Freestyle at The Home Depot Center

Blake Williams Baxter, Victoria (AUS) 87

Jeremy Stenberg Winchester, CA 86

Nate Adams Glendale, AZ 82

Mat Rebeaud Payerne, Switzerland 81

Kenny Brack Expands Racing Resume with Rally Car Racing Gold at X Games 15

With an IRL Championship and an Indy 500 win already to his name, Kenny Brack made racing look effortless by taking the gold in his Rally Car Racing debut in front of a packed house at The Home Depot Center.

Beyond his inexperience, Brack was also forced to deal with his lower rear bumper dragging throughout nearly the race’s entirety. Despite these obstacles, Brack was still able to best two-time gold medalist Travis Pastrana in the Finals. The way Brack spoke after the race, it sounded like he’s content to go out on top.

“It’s a one off,” explained Brack of his Rally Car entry. “‘I’m not looking to get into this full time again. I’m 43 years old. It’s a lot easier standing on the sidelines telling someone how to do it than to do it yourself.”

Silver medalist Pastrana maintained an airtight pace with Brack until spinning out around a corner. Both ends of Pastrana’s car hit walls which pinned the car sideways and ended his chance at first place. Gracious in defeat, Pastrana acknowledged the crash came as a result of trying to keep up with Brack.

“If he wasn’t so fast, that would not have happened. I was really impressed.”

Tanner Foust took third, but was able to make a joke at his own expense over his increasingly lower finishes since 2007.

“My medals are getting darker, which is not ideal.”

Results from Rally Car Racing at ESPN X Games 15 at The Home Depot Center

Kenny Brack Arvika, Sweden

Travis Pastrana Annapolis, MD

Tanner Foust Capistrano Beach, CA

Brian Deegan Bellevue, NE

Andrew Comrie-Picard Toronto (CAN)

Andi Mancin Bielsko-Biala (POL)

Ken Block Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Dave Mirra Greenville, NC

Piotr Wiktorczyk Chicago, Ill

Art Gruszka Chicago, Ill

Matt Johnson Apex, NC

Jimmy Keeney Colorado Springs, CO

Final results from the Skateboard Park competition held at The Home Depot Center in Los Angeles

1. Rune Glifberg Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Andy Macdonald San Diego, Calif.

3. Chad Bartie Queensland, Australia

4. Omar Hassan Costa Mesa, Calif.

5. Tony Trujillo San Francisco, Calif.

6. Kevin Kowalski Seal Rock, Ore.

7. Aaron Homoki Phoenix, Ariz.

8. Jimmy Marcus Clearwater, Fla.

9. Steve Reeves Portland, Ore.

10. Bruno Passos Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Final results from the Skateboard Park Legends competition held at the Home Depot Center

1. Christian Hosoi Huntington Beach, Calif.

2. Chris Miller Del Mar, Calif.

3. Lance Mountain Alhambra, Calif.

4. Steve Caballero Campbell, Calif.

5. Tony Magnusson Del Mar, Calif.

6. Lester Kasai Anaheim, Calif.

7. Pat Ngoho Culver City, Calif.

8. Steve Steadham San Diego, Calif.

9. Steve Alba Badlands, Calif.

10. Duane Peters Costa Mesa, Calif.

Coverage of all X Games events can be found on

Glifberg Rules the Skateboard Park Two Years In A Row

He’s one of only three athletes to have competed in every X Games since its inception. He holds nine X Games medals, but until his win in the Skateboard Park competition last year, none of them were gold. If today’s performance was any indication, Rune Glifberg’s X Games bridesmaid curse is over.

Glifberg qualified first in the Skateboard Park Elimination on Saturday, and came into the finals on fire, skating with fluid style at breakneck speeds. The competition going into the final round was fierce. Bronze medalist Chad Bartie wowed the judges with aggressive, creative lines throughout the part skatelite, part concrete skate park that Glifberg helped design.

Last year’s silver medalist, Andy Macdonald elicited cheers with his big 360 transfers and backflips over the hip, but was unable to score high enough to move out of second place.

In the end Glifberg, with his huge transfers and graceful backside tailslides over–and inverted whips through–the cradle, could not be stopped.

“I like the format of this year’s contest. It makes us work hard and strategize more,” said Glifberg, who switched up every one of his 30-second runs in the 15-minute jam session final.

“Yeah, that was fun,” he added, with a smile. “I may have to try for the three-peat next year.”

Christian Hosoi On Top Again

The legends of skateboarding dropped in for their contest runs today in front of a VIP viewing box packed with cheering pro skaters who were barely walking when they were busy dominating the skateboard scene.

Skateboard Park Legends contest, which ran solely as an exhibition jam session at X Games 14, became a medaled event this year. The chance for gold and glory stepped the excitement level up, with the old-school pros showing themselves to be every bit as competitive now that they’re over 40 as they were when they were under 20.

1980s vert dominator Christian Hosoi, who regularly used to compete against Tony Hawk, and Planet Earth founder Chris Miller shined in the finals today, one-upping each other with stylish old school and new school tricks. Hosoi took the title in the end, going huge on his transfers and getting almost upside down in the cradle, to the delight of his many longtime fans.

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to be here,” said Hosoi of his win. “I’m alive. I’m on my skateboard at the X Games. I feel like I’m 18 again.”

Lance Mountain skated his way into bronze, grinning while he pulled stalled-out inverted handplants in the deep-end pool section.
“We built this sport on concrete,” said Mountain, when asked about the concrete pool built for the X Games Park competitions. “When I was first asked to come and skate ramps here, I told them I would wait for concrete. And here it is. This park was amazing.”

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