DARDON-GUEUGNON (FRANCE), 20 August 2010 – It’s all systems go for the two-stroke junior “battle of the year” in Dardon-Gueugnon, France on August 21- 22. With all of saturday’s schedule reserved for qualifying practice sessions, the more than 200 international young riders entering this year’s FIM Junior World Championship will definitely have to give all they got to conquer their position on sunday’s racing grids. The 85cc class alone has more than 100 entries for the available 40.

All Set for The World's Top MX Juniors - Photo 1 of 1

Photo: 250 medals ready for sunday’s prize ceremony

Adding up to an already strong contingent from several European countries, more junior teams come from as far as Australia, New Zealand, Guatemala, South Africa and USA not only for the individual category races, 65cc, 85cc and 125cc but for the “fourth race” which is all about the best results of the three classes combined for a team’s win.

According to Jean Pierre Forest, Dardon-Gueugnon Motoclub’s President, having the FIM Junior World Championship for the first time in France is already a success for the sport in terms of participation: “we have 34 countries represented and 233 riders; we’ve been advertising this event everywhere since January: at the French GP and on the local and specialised press as well, I just hope we have a good attendance as this Championship is new for us”.

It’s been well over a year now since the French Motoclub began to organise this event working with about 250 people. “The last time we set up a two-wheel international event was the 125 World Motocross Championship race in 1991 and we had 12000 spectators… since then we have been doing mainly the World Sidecar-Cross although aim is to turn again to the two-wheeled races.” concluded Mr Forest.

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