He’s never won an AMA Supercross Series title. In fact, over the past 20 years, only seven people on this planet can say they have done that (Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey, and Ryan Villopoto). He’s never even won an AMA Supercross race.

Yet, he has the possibility of surpassing all of them, in ways only dreamed of …

His name is Adam Cianciarulo. And it’s possible he could become your next big Action Sports Hero.

We say ‘possibly’. He’s only 16 years old. Let’s not put undo pressure on him. He’s not even a professional yet.

How and why could this possibly happen though? Personality. Charisma. Charm. TV, Internet, Social Media. And good performances on the motorcycle will help.

In some ways, he’s already well on his way to becoming your next big Action Sports Hero. He’s the winningest amateur rider in the history of American motorcycling. (Has he really won 86 championships?)

You want to know a little bit more about AC92? Read on – these are his words:

Saturday was my 16th birthday – the day of the Monster Energy Cup. I didn’t think about it … and I didn’t think anything special was going to happen.

However, my birthday turned out really cool. I didn’t know it at the time, but my mom and day set up a surprise party for me at Pole Position Karting in Vegas. My parents were pretty tricky. We were driving around town, and they said “Do you want to pull into Pole Position Karting before Press Day?”

When I walked in, … everyone was there! People I race with, people from Kawasaki, people from AlpineStars, people from DC – they were all there. It was pretty “Vegas”. We did some racing, had a lot of fun … and then went straight to the press conference at the stadium. My birthday couldn’t of been any cooler.

People have commented that for my age I’m well spoken, and have pretty good composure. I can’t tell you exactly why that is – but I always try to just be myself. I’m not going to fake anything, or pretend to be something I’m not. I always answer truthfully, and want to share with people my thoughts.

My dad has helped me out a lot. He’s helped me to understand good communication, how to talk to fans respectfully, and how to deal with public relations issues. He’s been a big help.

I’ll come back though to what I said originally, and that is I just try to be me – nothing more, nothing less. So a little bit of that is on me. But I also have a great, great family. My family is what keeps me going.

For the MEC, I moved up to the 250 class. The plan all year was to move up from the Super Mini class after Loretta’s. After Loretta’s I went straight home and got on the 250. I had two months to get ready for MEC. The first month I rode outdoors, and the second month I rode supercross.

It was a smooth transition. I feel like my style is more suited to the 250. The MEC was my first ‘big bike’ race, and it was with the fastest amateurs in the world. That last month when I was practicing supercross I was riding with Jake Weimer, … I think it turned out to be a successful night for me.

(Adam raced last Saturday at the Monster Energy Cup in the Amateur All-Stars.)

My plans right now for 2013 are a bit unknown. My next race will be the Mini O’s. Then we are going to play it by ear. I won’t be doing supercross in 2013. We have all the amateur nationals – Oak Hill, Mill Creek, and others. I’m not sure when I’ll turn professional, but right now the focus will be on those amateur nationals. I’ll also try to focus on getting better and faster – not so much on what the next year will bring – just work on the “here and now”.

Some people have asked me “What is Ethika?” Ethika is a ‘lifestyle’ company, and they’ve started with underwear. You can check them out at http://www.ethika.com Ethika is with my buddy Malcolm. He’s been with me for years – way back in the 60 days. We’ve shot a lot of cool videos back in those days. That’s really how it all started.

For me, it’s more than underwear. It’s an excellent product for when I’m riding and racing. All their products are unique and cool. And as I look around at all the top guys in various sports, they are rocking the Ethikas … so I’m pretty happy to be in that group. So for all of you asking what Ethika is – now you know!

My hero growing up, and really the guy that got me into motocross was Jeremy McGrath. I watched him on TV all the time. I can remember watching when I was two years old! For my third birthday – I got my first bike.

I’ve had the pleasure of going to Jeremy’s ranch, and hang out with him. The cool thing about Jeremy is he’s a great guy on, and off, the track. He has a good attitude about everything in life. To do all that he’s done in the sport, winning all those races and championships, it’s pretty amazing that he’s so down to earth. He’s got his head on straight, and he’s definitely worthy of being someone’s hero.

I get asked a lot about my future. You know, it’s just something I try not to think too much about. I try to focus on what’s going on now, and there has been a lot going on just the past few months – especially changing to the big bikes. I’m just trying now to get acclimated to the bike I’ll be racing for a number of years. I work now on being a better person, a better rider, and better all around. I don’t focus too much on the future, because it’s not something I can control. I can only control what I work on right now. I’ll continue to work as hard as I can, and be the best I can be.

My mom and dad keep me on track and focused. Of course they’ve been there since day one. And my sister is a big help too. They know what I love to do, what I want to do, and they do all they can to help me and support me. They make a lot of sacrifices for me. My mom keeps me on track with school, and my dad helps keep me on track with riding. And they all help with keeping the right attitude about everything. I credit my family for the success I’ve had so far, and definitely for keeping me on the right path in life.

If I could share with everyone what I am, I would say I’m just an average kid with a not so average life right now.

And as I said in the MEC press conference – I’m good with the ladies. I’m sticking with that – sounds cool doesn’t it? (Laughs)

The story of Adam Cianciarulo will continue. If Adam can accomplish even part of what others before him have done on a motorcycle, because of the era we live in today, he will indeed become your next big Action Sports Hero.

You can follow Adam on Twitter – @AdamCianciarulo


Want a good laugh? Watch Adam do his Ryan Villopoto impression at the 2012 Anaheim II Supercross.



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