The West Coast Lites Main was finally here, the 20 qualified riders make their way to the gate for their 1st Main Event showdown of the season.

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Minutes before the gate drops riders make their last minute adjustments, goggle checks, gloves, those sleeves you’re now supposed to keep down, photographers and camera crews are all around, those motivating thoughts from the mechanics and the Monster girls take to the dirt; all this makes for a great distraction.

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The announcers, crowds, and music starts to get louder and all focus turns to that 30 second board, or that girl holding the 30 second board, either way, I am on my feet with anticipation of that first turn and with an explosion of fireworks and the sounds from 20 dirt bikes charging down the long straight away, it was finally here; the West Coast Championship battle.

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The Lites Class is stacked with tons of talent racers but it was two guys who took their place up front quickly, #122 Dan Reardon who grabbed the HOLESHOT (he would disappear after lap 6) and #19 Jake Weimer who would took the lead from Dan in lap 3 and continue on for his first win in 2009.  Jake’s first race of the year looked smooth and his confidence showed in each lap; maybe it was the wheelie going through the whoops that kept me in suspense of his next move, either way this is just the start to an exciting season on racing.

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Unfortunately not everyone had the best of luck coming out of the start and into the 2nd turn.  A pile-up caused a few riders to get stuck in a sea of roaring bikes; the riders to immerge from the dust cloud scrambling for their bikes were Trey Canard, Jason Lawrence, Shaun Skinner, and Kyle Cunningham, most of which seem to be okay except I heard Trey had a pretty hard crash.

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One rider who really stood out to me was Ryan Morais who started out 5th but made his way to 2nd place and held that spot for 8 laps to the finish. Did you notice that #10 Ryan Dungey fought his way back from 10th place all the way to 3rd – that was exciting to watch! The last few laps of the race each rider was really fighting for every positions and it showed.

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Crossing the finish line in style and taking a nice victory bow at the end was Jake Weimer. I have watched Jake the past few years in some serious races, he rides with such passion, full throttle to win and to now see him on top of the Podium with a Heat win and Main win; hard work really does pay off. Congratulations Jake!

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