How do you make Valentine’s day special? Take your date to the races! And give them a shout out on!

Here is what these celebs of the sport had to say about there Valentine’s day….

A Supercross Valentine's Day in San Diego! - Photo 1 of 2

“I’d like to wish a happy Valentines Day to my Awesome girlfriend Vanessa! I love her very much!”

Josh Hill

“I have no Valentine this year. I just got rid of 10 years of baggage and I’m content on being on my own! I’ve had a bunch of boys give me candy and flowers and that’s all I really need.”

Erin Bates

“I’d like to give some love to my girlfriend back in the UK, I love and miss her very much!”

Tommy Sereal

“I want to wish my girlfriend Sara a Happy Valentine’s Day and 21st Birthday at the RACES!”

Micheal Sleeter

“No Valentine for me, I guess you can call my Bike my Valentine! Not a bad one at all!”

Josh Grant

“I got my beautiful Fiance a gift for the wedding for Valentine’s day. She wanted a photo booth, and she got one! I love her very much! Can’t wait to make her my wife.”

Ryan Morias

“I woke my wife up with a Valentines/Birthday gift this morning. You know, I love her very much, and she deserves the world.”

Jimmy Button

A Supercross Valentine's Day in San Diego! - Photo 2 of 2



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