It’s not my entire life. Far from it. But I’ve been very lucky and very blessed to be able to work in an industry that I love – off-road motorcycle racing, specifically motocross and supercross. I’ve been able to do many things that I appreciate so much.

I was looking thru some old files on my computer, and I came across this video of my trip to South Africa in 2008 for the FIM Motocross Grand Prix. It brought back a lot of great memories.

First, I hope you enjoy the video. I consider them my ‘home movies’.

Second, I want to thank Lex Valasakos for giving me a chance and an opportunity of a lifetime – to do things that people dream of doing. He is a tremendous man, and a tremendous person – he has helped me so much in not only my work, but growing as a person, and in life. He is a very unique and special person.

Third – in regards to this specific video, shot in 2008 in South Africa for the World Motocross Championships, I want to thank Mr. Giuseppe Luongo and Youthstream for giving me the opportunity to be on television worldwide. Many people dream of doing that, but very few are able to do so.

Fourth – I’ve made so many friends over the years I’ve been doing this. Thanks to all of you.

I’ll be 26 years old in a few weeks. I feel very appreciative that I’ve been able to travel the world watching, and working at supercross and MX races worldwide. is embarking on many new things for both ourselves, and for you. Stay tuned!


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