Some in the industry were fearful – how would CBS portray our sport?

Many were concerned that CBS would portray the sport negatively. (A TV news segment years ago helped in the demise of three wheeled ATV’s.)

I can tell you this – CBS has invested a lot of time and money in truly trying to find out what makes the sport tick. They’ve talked with a lot of people (including me). Some refused comment out of fear, but my experience with them was nothing but great.

Chris Martin is one of the show’s producers, and a tremendous person. He has done his research on the sport. I asked him to explain a bit about the 60 Minutes II program:

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Chris: Typically, in putting together a segment like this for 60 Minutes II, it will involve extensive research, pre-interviews, and logistical scheduling to figure out the best way to tell a story that will be compelling, interesting, informative, and balanced.

There is quite a team of people that work on any given segment, including a Producer, an Associate Producer, and a Correspondent. There are numerous other people involved too, including Senior staff, technicians, Directors, and Editors. We all work together to assemble the finished product that goes on television.

With ‘Breaking News’ stories, we can get a segment on the air with only a limited number of hours of to work it. Or, we can work on a story for many months. It depends on the subject matter, the scope of the research, travel schedules, etc. etc. Each story is different, and takes a different amount of time. In the end, it goes on the air when the boss says it’s ready.

The 60 Minutes II show pulls in about 10.5 million viewers for each episode. Also, the show is available overseas through various network partners around the world.

I was personally surprised by the growth and excitement that supercross has enjoyed in recent years. I was also very taken by the personalities and people that live and breathe this sport everyday. After meeting icons of the sport like Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, and you, I came away with an appreciation of the athleticism and mental focus it takes to be a champion.

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We’ll let you know when there is a ‘confirmed’ time and date for the TV program here on the site.

In the meantime, here are a few photos below from the interview I did with Jim Stewart of CBS News for the show. Jim is excellent. He’s a pro at broadcasting and news telling. I was nervous, I wanted so much to represent the sport and the people behind it well.

I hope you enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’ photos,


To see the letter I sent to Jim Stewart after our interview, you can visit this link.

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A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 1 of 9

Producer Chris Martin in the black sweater

A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 2 of 9

Getting ready …

A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 3 of 9
A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 4 of 9

You’ll like this panorama shot – it’s where the interview was done

A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 5 of 9

Jim is a pro. He’s one of the best in the industry.

A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 6 of 9

Jim Stewart

A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 7 of 9

Rick getting asked the tough questions

A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 8 of 9

Reverse angle

A day some in the industry feared? - Photo 9 of 9

RJ getting a little make-up before the shoot


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