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The 9th edition of the OXBOW MX which will be held on September 25
& 26. This mammoth gathering of off-road aficionados all began back
in 1995, in the tiny village of Reygades in the Corrèze with its 73

The basic concept is very simple: attract some 800 motocross
enthusiasts at an outstanding circuit in a rural setting on the top of
the Dordogne valley for a friendly get-together. Opt for a date after
the end of the sports season to enable stars, young and less young,
beginners or old hands from all over France to take part in one of the
17 categories on the programme. No titles or medals, just the simple
pleasure for everyone to enjoy their passion for off-road riding at
their own pace.

With entries limited to 800 riders, the OXBOW MX is already fully
booked. The simple answer for the organisers, who did not want the
event to be restricted just to the riders, was to open it up even more
to an increasingly large number of spectators.

There will be a considerable number of other events on the site,
starting with an open-air exhibition of off-road quads and motorbikes
where each manufacturer will offer an exclusive presentation of the new
models for 2005.

Made for leg-power rather than horsepower, two permanent marked
mountain-bike courses will be open to everyone. Commençal Bicycles will
be providing its magnificent bikes and in particular the new 2005
models in an exclusive presentation. Optimal support and expert advice
will be on hand from the riders of the Commençal team such as Frank
Parolin, European champion and runner-up in the world championship, or
the young, promising rising star, Romain Saladini.

The ball will be set rolling at the end of the afternoon on Friday. The
DJ’s will start swinging into action behind their turntables. For once,
they will be accompanied by a guest star, car racing champion Laurent
Aiello. He will be abandoning the seat of his official Opel to come and
spin the LP’s that he handles with as much virtuosity as his steering

From 8 in the morning on Saturday, the youngest riders will take over
the track. The modern layout totalling 2200 metres takes remarkable
advantage of the topography of the site, offering all types of
obstacles and enabling riders at all levels to demonstrate their skills
in safety.

The OXBOW MX is an all but obligatory pilgrimage for any rider, because
Reygades is so steeped in symbols and marked with the unforgettable
imprint of Jean-Michel Bayle ever since 1987. It was then and there
that the living legend of motorcycling won his very first national
supercross title. Since then, only the obligations of his remarkable
career have prevented him from coming to Reygades. Jean-Michel Bayle
will be there this year. Even if he cannot take part in the races as he
is still convalescing from his back injury, he has insisted on
attending the event to meet up with the motocross world again and to
continue to indulge in his passion.

The middle of the day will be the time for the pros to come on the
scene with some forty races on Saturday much to the delight of
spectators. The line-up is pretty formidable, with by way of captain
Thierry Bethys, triple winner of Le Touquet, 8 times French champion
and the recent winner of the French Grand Prix. He will be heading the
young troops, and in particular France’s N° 1 hopeful, Christophe
Purcel, barely 16 years old, who gets better with every race, chalking
up some surprising performances in the Grand Prix. He will be backed by
Benjamin Coisy, reigning European supercross champion and current
leader of the SX Tour, Fabien Izoird, his successor, Jérémy Tarroux,
Brice Izzo and many other up-and-coming talents of the new generation.

The evening will be given over to the Freestyle motorbike show, led by
the Ramp Team and Xavier Fabre. This will be one of the highlights of
the weekend with the riders exhilarating the crowd with their
presentation of a repertoire of ever-more amazing figures and probably
the famous back-flip on which the team has been working for some weeks.
The excitement will reach its peak when some twenty singers and dancers
take over the stage for a long-awaited two-hour show.

Sunday will be finals day for all the categories and for the Yamaha,
KTM and Suzuki trophies, namely 3 brand new 2005 machines given to the
first three. The very popular relay race will take place in the middle
of the afternoon. The stars from the two main categories – motorbike
and ATV – will be divided up into teams of 2 riders for a relay race
where each rider will move from riding the motorbike to riding the ATV
in turn. This unusual event was a sensational success last year and
promises to be even more exciting this time round.

THE 9th OXBOW MX – EASY LOCATION: Reygades is located at 12 km of
Beaulieu, in Corrèze, at 510 mètres elevation, at 45 mn of the south
east of Brive la Gaillarde.

510 km of Paris via A20

180 km of Clermont-Ferrand via A89

210 km of Toulouse via A20

260 km of Bordeaux via A89

450 km of Nantes

380 km of Lyon via A89

DATES: Sataurday 25th and Sunday 26th of September 2004

ORGANIZATION: Jean Luc Fouchet Organisation

Motocross : 800 entries, split in 17 categories, of 95 races of 10 mn each

Class A : Amateur 125cc 2 Stroke

Class B : Amateur 250cc 4 Stroke

Class C : Amateur 250/500cc 2 Stroke

Class D : Amateur + 250cc 4 Stroke

Class E : Young 80cc

Class F : Young 125cc

Class G : Expert 125cc 2 Stroke / 250cc 4 Stroke

Class H : Expert 250cc/500cc

Class I : Silver Old timer

Class J : Gold old timer

Class K : Démo SX 65 KTM 7, to 11 years

Class L : Vet Class (machines before 1985)

Class M : VIP, Press, Industry Open

Class O : ATV

Class R : Pro MX / Enduro Open

Class Yamaha trophy

Class Suzuki Yellow Devil Challenge


ATV: 6 races of ATV open + permanent training and test track

TRACK: Main MX Circuit: 2200 Metres lenght

Permanent training and test track for ATV: 2000 and 1800 Metres lenght


Friday 24th of september: 9h00: opening of the spot

Saturday 25th september

08h00 : Official opening of the 9th OXBOW MX

10h05 : Start of the 1st session of 11 races

11h55 : Start of the 1st ATV Race

12h06 : Start of the SX 65 KTM demo

12h30 : lunch break

14h00 : Start of the 2nd session of 15 races

16h42 : Relay race MX & ATV

17H01 : Start of the 3rd session of 15 races

19H00 : Media conference

19H30 : FMX show (Freestyle Motocross)

22H00 : Party

Sunday 26th of september

08h00 : Opening

09h50 : Start of the 4th session of 12 races

12h30 : Family shot of all competitors of the 9th OXBOW MX

12h40 : lunch break

13h40 : Finales races

14h26 : Relay race MX & ATV

15h42 : 1st heat of catégorie R : Pro Motocross & Enduro

17h47 : 2nd heat of catégorie R : Pro Motocross & Enduro

18h30 : Prze giving ceremony

FOOD : 2 restaurants and bars indoor and outdoor

Entry price : 10 euros for the both days includes parking and program

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