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Rick: Art, last time I saw you we were at the 2002 supercross awards banquet, and we were all saying our ‘good byes’ to you. You are back now, but in a different role?

Art: Yes, I’m back, in a different role. It was definitely the right time for a change, and I’ve found it very refreshing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the television side of supercross, we had some success doing it, and we did it for a long time. The slide in the stock market recently made sure I couldn’t just retire (laughs).

I’m now involved with the web-cast guys like Chad (Dimiani) and Jim (Holley) and I’m also more involved with the corporations I’ve helped in the past. I’m helping with video and DVD projects with companies like KTM, Parts Unlimited, and Clear Channel.

With the web-casts, it’s a lot like radio. With radio, you are trying to create an accurate image of what’s happening, and I can still add my style and flair to it. And I’ve always enjoyed doing radio. I get to work on the floor of the stadium, and I’m back with the riders, which is very motivating for me. And I don’t have to hear a producer or director screaming in my ear like when I used to work in the press box for TV. But I do miss working with David Bailey every week.

It’s all new and refreshing for me, and I’m really enjoying myself.

The goal initially with moving away from the TV side was to have more time during the week for myself, and my family, and a little recreation. There was so much preparation during the week with the TV shows, I figured now I’d have a little free time. But it hasn’t worked out that way! (laughs) The way things are evolving, I’m keeping plenty busy during the week.

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I’ve been very lucky my entire life. When I started in broadcasting back in college, I had so many great jobs that took me all over the world to great events – Superbowls, Wimbledon, The Monaco Grand Prix, and others. It went from being a job to being my hobby. Then I was lucky enough to grow in the motorsports industry. I have a true love for motorsports. I have so much fun … it’s hard to turn away from something like that has become so much a part of my life.

Rick: Art, we only have 7 more seconds. Any last words?

Art: Yes. I’d like to thank all the fans, especially the ones on the Internet that have shared their opinions. They have uplifted me so much over the past few years. Thank you very much.


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