The LCQ’s last two transfer spots into Anaheim’s 1st Supercross Main went to Matt Boni and Paul Carpenter last week and seeing that it was Matt’s first Supercross 450 race and LCQ victory to the Main he was first on my list for an interview about all the Anaheim action. I caught up with Matt in the pits in Phoenix, check it out.

#54 Matt Boni talks about his move up to the Supercross class and more! - Photo 1 of 4

Angela: Matt lets go back to the Season Opener, Anaheim 1, how was your night of racing?

Matt: Well, I got a really bad start in my Heat race and ended up going down in the second corner but I made it back up to 11th and I was happy with how I rode, that was my 1st Supercross race. Then in the LCQ I got another bad start but I dropped the hammer and got the win, which is good, I got some press time. In the Main, I got off to a decent start, worked my way up and I faded a little bit, I am not going to lie, and then I regrouped and salvaged a 14th which I am happy with for my 1st round. It’s definitely something good to build on.

A: That LCQ race, there’s a lot of pressure with only two transfer spots to the main, how was that battle to the podium because you didn’t start out in 1st but you made it to 1st?

#54 Matt Boni talks about his move up to the Supercross class and more! - Photo 2 of 4

M: Yeah, definitely there was some battling going on. After the first lap I was in 7th so I knew I didn’t have many options other than to just pin it and I didn’t really know I was leading until the last lap when I got the white flag but you know I just did what I had to do and I got my passes done.

A: You did earn a 14th in the Main last week; how was your first Main Event in the Supercross class?

M: It’s tough and I almost got a little bit of stage fright knowing I was going to be battling with all the guys I’ve been watching and reading about. So, every week I am going to continue to build on my routine and last week’s 14th is a really good starting position for me to start building on.

#54 Matt Boni talks about his move up to the Supercross class and more! - Photo 3 of 4

A:  That’s awesome; okay Matt what about the team you are on, your crew, the bike, and all the good details?

M: I am riding for DNA/BTO Sports Honda and Shaun Skinner is riding the West Coast for us. Kyle Keylon is riding East Coast and JT will also be racing a 450 but he’s out right now; he is expected to come back real soon. My mechanic has been with me for about 2 ½ months, he’s also my practice mechanic so we spend a lot of time together and he is definitely a good guy so I am happy with it.

#54 Matt Boni talks about his move up to the Supercross class and more! - Photo 4 of 4

A: Sweet, now here we are in Phoenix, what do you expect from tonight’s race, what are your thoughts on the track, there were some pretty cool sections, a big sand section, what did you think of the track all together?

M: It’s pretty good but really tacky and I wasn’t expecting that, I thought It would be blue groove and dusty but it’s good. I’m from the East Coast so tacky is right up my alley so it’s going to make for a good night hopefully.

A: Cool, well congrats for getting into that Main Event last week, do it again this week Matt!

M: Absolutely thanks a lot!

#54 Update ~~Matt continues to excel in the Supercross Class but one quick note: Matt Boni now rides for the Hart and Huntington Race Team.

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