Pinkietown OH —’s Rules Committee has announced today that Rick Carmichael, the defending Supercross Champion’s dad, has been penalized 50 points for eating a donut before round 11 of the Supercross Series in Orlando, Florida on March 18.

Upper lip samples from eight people were collected at the Orlando round, and the sample from the upper lip of Rick Carmichael was found to be in non-compliance. Lip samples from the lips of Nick Wey, Josh Grant, Davi Millsaps, Tim Ferry, Chad Reed, Tyler Evans and James Stewart were found to be in compliance.

As is required by the Supercross/Motocross rulebook, the samples were sent to a certified testing lab which confirmed the results of the testing.

“It was pretty obvious, … Rick (Carmichael) had powdered sugar from a donut on his lip, even though he tried to wipe it away as we approached. Then, he tossed something into a trash container, which was determined later to be a donut – a powdered sugar donut (Exhibit A). Consequently, we impounded the donut immediately. It’s under lock and key right now” said’s Rules Committee Referee C. H. Burgman.

50 points deducted this time! - Photo 1 of 1

Burgman continues, “The rule on donuts is clear. It does not matter if the donut is from Winchells, Krispy Kreme, or Entenmann’s. If the sugar content on the lip of anyone exceeds 0.005 g/w (grams per whisker) it is illegal. This is a defined measurement that has been in place for three racing seasons. What concerns us here is that we keep finding donut residue on lips. We expect our competitors and their dads to take every possible step to ensure that their lips and body are completely within the limit of the rules.”

Supercross has required that no riders or dads eat donuts up to 8 hours before a competition since the 2004 racing season.

However, it appears as if son (Ricky) Carmichael has had the last laugh on this one, as he has been cloned & took the top three podium positions this past weekend, scoring an unbelievable & unheard of 67 points!

To see the exclusive photos, please visit this link: RC Cloned!






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